Margazhi Dew drops contest 2014

Its actually a delayed upload which may not be admitted apologize for the same, however i made this for the contest on 26th and could not upload it by 27th, uploading now for the just the views of our members.


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Beautiful kolam yamuna, nice coloring. All the best.

ammuchandhini's picture

Lovely chikku kolam with such cute colouring yamuna....All d best Smile

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Thank you all!!

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Wow wow azhago azhagu mam! Cute borders ...all the best!

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Thank yous so much!!

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colorful creation,,, all the best Smile

BalaChandrasekaran's picture

wonderful kolam and colours.

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Thank you mam!!

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Well done chikku design Yamuna...looks very colourful and beautiful. Those four different designs inside the squares are very nice. This floor of yours look very good for kolams. All the best for the contest.

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Thank you so much mam!! Its my apartment terrace mam, i chose this coz my doorstep floor is white wont be suitable for white strokes. Smile

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very nice coloring.and beautiful kolam yamuna.all the best.

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hi yamuna ,in ur kolam the strokes are good and the different small kolams in the inner squares
are nice and the colour combination might have come still much more better.its my feel.overall its nice.

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Thank you mam!! Yes Points taken, next time will take little more care in colouring part.

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I love both versions! Very very beautiful!

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Thank you mam!!

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Love both versions

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Gorgeous and colorful kolam with nice decorations... all the best

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Thank you so much!!

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You have brought out well in steps how simple dots evolve into a beautiful design! Very nicely drawn and coloured! All the best!

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Thank you mam!!

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Thank you Yamuna for participating. Appreciate your spirit. This kolam is very pretty. Nice strokes. colourin also good, All the best, Smile

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wonderful kolam and colours.all the best

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nice coloring and very neatly done...additional decorations have gone well with the design...all the best ma'm
:star: :star: :star:

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Very nice ma'mam! Can a chikku kolam be couloured so beautifully? I learn it from you mam...! Extensions are really cute...! All the best...! Smile

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Beautiful kolam with nice decorations ............ALL THE BEST