Rangoli: Happy b'day Dr.Rekha!
Rangoli: World Water day - March 22
Rangoli: Mandana-Rajasthani rangoli
Rangoli: Rangoli - rice paste
Rangoli: Rangoli design
Chikku kolam

Here is an animated chikku kolam. Dots: 9 to 1

Circular Chikku kolam

Here is an animated circular dotted kolam that I'm uploading after a long time. It has 17 dots at the center line followed by 15, and then it varies. Hope you enjoy it. Smile

Nagabandha Rangoli

This is a nagabandha rangoli. I've shown an easier way to draw one form of nagabandha. The steps can be seen when you click on play.

Rangoli: Palanquin

This is the palanquin kolam that I had mentioned, in my last "lamp" kolam. This uses 7 to 2 dots (parallel style). The palanquin handle is the only additional fixture drawn at the top, that is different in this design (when compared with the lamp version). This uses one stroke. I had also seen this design in the kolam book that Mr.Rao had uploaded a while back. There are 3 more that I had done, but do want to group here since this uses a 7 by 2 grid (and so chose to keep this separate). Palanquins remind me of brides and royal princesses, and that explains my choice of color for the base. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Smile

Rangoli: Lamp Rangoli

A dotted lamp kolam. Dot count: 7 at the center, leading upto two at both ends. Used my last batch of rangoli powder that I brought from India. I'll have to switch to making with rice paste or chalk in a few days.

Chikku kolam

I got interested in making this chikku kolam, after I had read the comments from Jayanthi's kolam ( In order to show the design without any borders/frills, I have drawn the strokes and omitted the central netted square filler that we see in Jayanthi's design. I'm hoping Dawn would find this easy. Smile

Mirror Kolam

This is a mirror design dotted kolam. There is an outer frame and an inner frame. The dot count varies for the inner frame and the outer ones. The kolam has interlaced dot style, and is one of my favorite mirror designs. The bird beaks at the ends could be replaced by snakes tongue, if one wants. Smile Clicking on the blue button shows you how to draw.

Rangoli: Strawberries Rangoli

Here is a dotted strawberry rangoli, with 13 to 1 dots, parallel style. I handed a printed copy of this design to Diya, to make it in our entrance, when we were expecting some special ikolam family members. Diya's version is very beautiful, and we got to admire her work for two whole days. Smile