Circular Chikku kolam

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Here is an animated circular dotted kolam that I'm uploading after a long time. It has 17 dots at the center line followed by 15, and then it varies. Hope you enjoy it. Smile


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Wonderful work,lata.great animation.Real treat to the eyes..

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Great work lata.lovely animation.meendum meendum paarkka thondrugiradhu.

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Wow...beautiful round kolam in such a reddish-orange background latha.....thanks for giving me a kolam for margazhi.....

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really a great work by you lata...the colour combination is very good...

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lovely animation latha,it works out well for beginners like me in sikku kolam

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very nice lata

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wow!!wow!! looks like colour full Bandhani kolam Saree..hehe ..lovely colour combination,..hatsoff to you lata..

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Lovely pC kolam and animation Lata. It is not only useful for the beginners but also to us. How come this time the outer circle is made as a separate body. Any idea behind that?

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wonderful work. best colours. eyecatching.

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So so so glad to have ur kolam here lata dear. Thanks for this lovely kolam in wonderful colors and a beautiful background color as well.

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Lovely kolam Lata....

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Lovely chiku circular kolam,the colors u have used blends with the background very well

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Lovely animation with bright color combination..Thanks a lot Lata
-Indira Sundar

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Simply super Latha. I feel like trying this immediately as I am fan of Sikku kolams. If time permits I will try.

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Thanks everybody.
Padma, the outer circle is just a round border to enclose the design. Smile
Kameswari, hope you get some time in the near future. Smile
Rani, hope you'll try it in soon, in Margazhi. Smile

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Dear latha,

very nice circular sikku kolam. With your permission, i will also try this kolam once.


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Lovely kolam and lovely animation. The blending of colors in the background as well on the lines are super!
will try in the Margazhi mela.

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Beautiful animation for a beautiful design. It looks like a car chase in a suspense movie Smile One or two suggestions, if you don't mind. A plain background would have been more apt. With this background, the colours in the bottom half are barely visible. The outer circular border, while in itself is quite charming, distracts the view from the main design.

Regards! - mOhana

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Hi Mahalakshmi, sure, you can try any design. I believe we don't have to ask or wait for anybody's permission since these are kolams/rangolis and most of them (atleast in the case of chikku designs) are passed from one to the other. We all end up with our own versions, which adds to the variety. Smile

You're right Mohanaji, I had two backgrounds (another one was pale pink), but ended up choosing this one because someone in my family liked it. Smile

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Eye catching kolam. I liked the four angles of the kolam. The circle border gives finish to the kolam.

By the way, everybody is mentioning about Markazhi Month kolams. What is it about? Does everybody upload different kolams everyday - like the one put in Tamil Nadu daily -or is there any contest during this period. Eager to know about it and share some kolams from my collection. In th process, it gives me a chance to learn new beautiful kolams from this site.

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Pragaya, Margazhi month is between mid-december to mid-january. People make kolams during this season predominantly in south india. You can try to make kolams, and upload here to share, if you like. And we also conduct a contest. So, you're welcome to participate if you like. Smile

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Thanks for the reply Lata. Eagerly awaiting the contest announcement, so that I can see and learn different kolams.

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Nice to see your animated kolam after a break. I view the car chase in full throttle :). Lovely kolam.

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Great to see a big animation from you after a long time Lata - splendid... Would be nice if the outer circle was joined to the inside kolam too Smile

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Very nice. Looks complex and great.

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Lata, i tried this kolam for bhogi. Hope u would have seen this. -


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Hi happy to meet u after a short break....i don't have words literally at all...ikolam is so fresh and beautiful now....need some time to understand which is where...haha...advance wishes for a happy birthday to our ikolam ....