Rangoli: Happy b'day Dr.Rekha!
Rangoli: World Water day - March 22
Rangoli: Mandana-Rajasthani rangoli
Rangoli: Rangoli - rice paste
Rangoli: Rangoli design
Rangoli: Birdies

All that talk about Valentine made me realize I hadn't made any rangoli with Valentine's day in mind, this year. So, here comes a bird couple, under the sky. The basic coloring is provided by chalk (both regular kind and pastel chalk), and the filtered sunlight through the branches is provided by Photoshop. What a romantic and protective bird he is! Smile

Rangoli: Flowers

A simple dotted kolam made using chalk.

Rangoli: Mardi Gras masks

Here is my Mardi gras masks rangoli made for the Mardi Gras rangoli campaign. Although I made it during the week of Mardi Gras, I didn't get the time to upload. I've used colored scenic sand, and white rangoli powder (white mask). I've used a fork to feather the top part at the center, and used white edible beads to decorate it. Enjoy! Smile

Rangoli: Chikku kolam

A simple chikku kolam, made with powder, and colored with blue scenic sand. The kolam is rotated for a better perspective.

Rangoli: Champagne for celebration!

Rani's third anniversary announcement triggered a quick time check regarding others' anniversaries and hence this celebratory-champagne kolam! :love: We're celebrating some of our long-term members' anniversaries here at ikolam! I need to start mentioning from a few of our members that have been actively posting here for the past seven years! I'll then mention members that have been with us for six years, five years, four, and then three. Since it is already past 12am where I live, I'm going to write the names in the morning. But you're more than welcome to guess out the names/yrs here in comments to have some fun. Biggrin

The floor is wooden, the medium is rice paste, the coloring at the bottom is colored sand. At the top you will see the bottles colored as champagne bottles in Photoshop. Hope you like it. Smile

In the meantime, cheers to you, you and you! Let's party! :party: :beer:

No of Years	Names
7.25		vasanthi
7.16		baaz
7.08		rajamma_2
7.08		jkmrao
6.75		alameluranganath
6.66		subashini
6.58		jayamohan
6.41		Chethan Srinivasan
6.41		Akilandeshwari
5.58		vijaysowmya
5.5		lakshmiraghu
5.5		ddaayy
5.33		indirasundhar
5.16		dibbutn
5.16		jasree
5.08		anirudh
5.08		chandy
5.08		jaanu
4.91		sudhabalakrishnan
4.75		nithyaashok
4.66		rojababu
4.41		aditya
4.08		manivasuki62
4.08		r.suganthy
3.75		Vasi
3.58		ammuchandhini
3.5		Shibrudha
3.25		BalaChandrasekaran
3.16		premaragu
3.16		Bhavani Mayilvahanan
3		Padma Prakash
Rangoli: A really quick try!

A quick not so clean try of Mohanaji's rangoli on the wall, with colored chalk! We had fun trying this pattern both on the wall and the paper. The picture isn't clear enough since I had used pastel colored chalk on light colored wall.

I've added two levels other than what's found on Mohanaji's pattern. Here is the level of complexity:

n = 0, no of lines = 0, no of dots = 1
n = 1, no of lines = 1 (1 green), no of dots = 5
n = 2, no of lines = 5 (4 green, 1 pink), no of dots = 25
n = 3, no of lines = 9 (4 green, 4 pink, 1 blue), no of dots = 61
n = 4, no of lines = 13 (4 green, 4 pink, 4 blue, 1 red), no of dots = 113
n = 5, no of lines = 17 (4 green, 4 pink, 4 blue, 4 orange, 1 purple), no of dots = 181
n = 6, no of lines=21 (4 green, 4 pink, 4 blue, 4 orange, 4 purple , 1 light green) no of dots = 265

Rangoli: Valentines in chikku kolam

I see four hearts in this well known chikku kolam. I've used poster paint. As you could probably make out, it is still wet. Smile

Rangoli: Chinese New Year - 2013

Hi everybody,

I've tried to make a friendly and fun-loving red snake, for Chinese new year. I sincerely hope no one finds it creepy. May the new year bring happiness and fortune to the Chinese and the Non-Chinese! Smile