Rangoli: Happy b'day Dr.Rekha!
Rangoli: World Water day - March 22
Rangoli: Mandana-Rajasthani rangoli
Rangoli: Rangoli - rice paste
Rangoli: Rangoli design
Rangoli: Inspired Chikku kolam

This dotted kolam was an inspiration from Mrs.Mangala.

The top one is without the extensions, and the other one with extensions. The idea of using red/yellow colored-dots comes from Mrs.Rajam. I learned that if I continue using my coffee table to make such kolams, I better stick with smaller designs than this one, as I barely could fit it within the breadth of the table. Smile Suggestions to improve are welcome.

Rangoli: Sri Rama Navami - Rama Yantra

A Rama Yantra for the celebration of the birth of Lord Rama.
Here is a link that talks about the meaning of different symbols in yantras.

Rangoli: Clover dotted kolam

A dotted kolam for St.Patrick's day. Dot count; 7x4 (interlaced).

Rangoli: Celtic Rangoli for St.Patrick's day

A Celtic clover rangoli made for St.Patrick's day. I'm dressed in green today (see my picture?).

If you're not wearing green today, I'm going to pinch you (doesn't matter if you are Irish or not). Smile

Rangoli: Ducks Rangoli

Colored version of the Ducks-dotted rangoli. The dot count is 21 - 11, interlaced dots (idukku pulli). (Was published and unpublished later on).


Rangoli: Girls ... Let's Party! Rangoli

This is one of my favorite dotted rangoli with girls/women in it. One could look at it as a design that shows girls playing, or girls jumproping/skipping too. I didn't want the girls wearing uniforms, and so have opted for colorful outfits, a different color for each one of them. I had labeled this rangoli for Holi, but since we have the ikolam Bangalore meet and the Chennai meet coming along soon, the word "Party!" kept zooming into focus in my head. I'm so excited for our members! Smile

Made using Photoshop. It is a Dotted Rangoli. Dot count; 15-8, interlaced. The dots are deliberately bigger, for clarity's sake. Let me know what you think of it.

Single stroke kolam

Inspired by Mrs.Rajam. Dot count: 15, 13 (2lines), 9 (2 lines), 5 (2 lines) and ending in 1 dot on all sides. I had made a colored version of the same last year and published it here. But, I had to unpublish it after an hour or so, since I didn't realize that I had published the same dotted kolam done by another member. But, this version is an animated one, as promised to Mrs.Rajam. Let me know what you think of it. Smile

Here is the original version:

Rangoli: Similar dotted rangolis

These two dotted kolams look similar, with triangular petals, drawn around a flower/star. First dotted kolam has a dot grid of 14 (2 rows) to 7 (interlaced). The one on the right uses a 15 - 8 dot grid (interlaced). And I was inspired by Ms.Priya's design found here: