Mandana-Rajasthani rangoli

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Here comes my version of rangoli on the door. I've tried one of Mr.Lakhichand Jain's Mandana design, on one of my closet door. I had painted a big portion of it maroon, last year, to make such designs, but it was used mostly by Surik for her drawings. Smile
I've used my daughter's white paint, and a little bit of orange. This is my first attempt, and I used an earbud to draw this Ganesha. Next time, I would try with brushes in different sizes to get more control. Smile

A little bit about Mandana, a Rajasthani rangoli:

This folk art makes use of red sand (geru) and chalk powder and is applied on floors and walls, especially on auspicious occasions and festivals.

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Lovely Ganesa, Lata, thanks

Lovely Ganesa, Lata, thanks for the information about Mandana,

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cute ganesha,, i like ur

cute ganesha,, i like ur creations in various bases


Ada ada ada! enna oru

Ada ada ada! enna oru creation! Superb door ganesha lata . Outstanding! Smile Star Star Star Star Star

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wow....ennathu ithu different

wow....ennathu ithu different base la kalakkala irukku....amazing and unique Smile

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Lovely creation Lata, your

Lovely creation Lata, your inspiring me too Wink

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Wow...Very very pretty work

Wow...Very very pretty work Lata...Nice shade of maroon..Smile

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Wow...lovely creation

Wow...lovely creation lata....the earbud strokes look like a double-stroke pattern...very cute design done so neatly Smile

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Aahaa,onga kolam verikku oru

Aahaa,onga kolam verikku oru aLave illaiya?raniyaiyum serththu kittu yenna oru vilaiyaattu! chinna puLLa thanamaa illa irukku.Instead of scolding surya,that not to scratch on door,you too tried it and you blamed her Wink (pachchai kiLigal parappaidhai paarthaal parundhukku pidikkadhu)ha ha ha .soooooooooooooo cute pillaiyar.jokes apart,is it easy to clear the space with water?