Chikku kolam

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About Chikku kolam:

I got interested in making this chikku kolam, after I had read the comments from Jayanthi's kolam ( In order to show the design without any borders/frills, I have drawn the strokes and omitted the central netted square filler that we see in Jayanthi's design. I'm hoping Dawn would find this easy. Smile

Dotted kolam


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very nice. Thank you so much for adding one more to my kolam book.

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So nice of you to animate this kolam. Now u can see more chikku kolam admirers in this site.

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Without the frills and the borders this looks completely different to me! Beautiful work:)

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nice animated sikku kolam latha...only now i realise what usha mam had said ...starting and ending a kolam from d same pt....

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Your animated sikku kolam is very nice and sweet,lata

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Wow - animated chikku kolams are a treat to watch - thanks a ton Lata (wonder whether I could make one too??)

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Nice work dear.

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very nice kolam and the animation is very helpful.

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Great animation!

Regards! - mOhana

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Thanks for the animation. It is very interesting to watch the white line sudden - suddenly taking turns in the majenta background.

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Grt Lata!!! good work

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lovely creation..nice background

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What is this bonus week ah?? Lata you seem to be loading us with bonus after bonus - lovely treats and thanks a ton for them Smile

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Excellent. No words. I love the way the line takes new new unexpected turns. This teaches us a lesson also. The line which moves may be compared to our LIFE whcih also takes unexpected turns, move straight for some time, again a bend, and finally when it completes the path, Thats the end of our life. If the final design comes out to be a fine art "THEN WHAT WE LEAD - OUR LIFE IS a successful / satisfactory life". Thanks alot Lata.

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Wow, Lata, that was just great! Thanks so much for the animation; although I had liked the original one a lot, I had given up trying it.
You have the enthusiasm and intuition of a born teacher. God bless you.

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Glad to see a animated version of this kolam.. the background color gives a soothing effect.. Nice work and thanks for sharing..

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lovely , very nice and easy to follow sikku kolam.

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Very nice sikku kolam.I like it very much.
I am unable to submit any kolam further since the disk quota of 28 mb has been reached.I need your help.

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Please try to reduce the file size and then upload. Your account does have some space left.
Thank you for the feedback on this kolam. Smile

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It is a treat to the eyes.So soothing.I will do it in my front yard.

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usha srinivas little slowly in steps so that we can simulate the bends!

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wonderful animation lata Smile

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Thank u is fine now...appaada...pona uyir tirumbi translation...

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Thank heavens! I can go to bed now and not worry about losing my job. :0

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What...u losing ur job....its d other way round dear....ha..ha..ha...good night again and no bad dreams...i pray for u....he..he..

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Thank u lata...there is a change in d homepage na...d sign-in and log out r on d top...i missed to see that and have sent u lots of mails...sorry...

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superb animation.Lataji ,i will try to learn this form of rangoli .

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lata mam please tell me how to create my name in the gallery and upload rangoli. I tried but could not do it.
vasanthi manohar

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very good,..........

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Beautiful chikku kolam lata...even I have copied this one too.

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Haha...remembering that sunday afternoon when i was worried over not being able to see any kolams in d homepage...:)

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Grand work. See the cafe section. Regards! - mOhana

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Nice animation. I can never do chikku kolams, whether tiny, snall or big kolam .Even with this animation, am not able to do. Any way congrats for all those who do chiku kolams.