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Rangoli: World Water day - March 22
Rangoli: Mandana-Rajasthani rangoli
Rangoli: Rangoli - rice paste
Rangoli: Rangoli design
Nepenthes --  the pitcher plant

It has been my dream to make a rangoli that represents one of my favorite plants; the Pitcher plant - Nepenthes. There are many variations when it comes to the shape and color of the Pitcher plant. Pitcher plants are carnivorous plants. Plants consist of specialized leaves in the shape of a pitcher which contains liquid. The insects get attracted to the pitcher and drown in the liquid. The plant absorbs the contents over a period of few days. The comments tag leads you to a detail page, that has the flies-animation file. There are 8 flies zooming around that get settled (trapped) on the dots that were intentionally left over within the pitcher (2 per pitcher). This is a dotted kolam; 15x1, parallel style. Here is one species of Nepenthes:

The flower is equally interesting both in terms of the petal-shape and color:

Rangoli: Flowers collage
This rangoli was published on 2010-04-11.
Rangoli: Pansies

Pansies from our neighborhood in San Jose.

Rangoli: Flowers

Flowers: pictures to identify flowers, and for rangoli making ideas.

Star kolam


Rangoli: Easter egg-hunt! Rangoli

Here is my collection of dyed eggs, from yesterday's Easter egg-hunt. These are dotted. Dot count: 15 to 5, interlaced. Some of them have chocolate filling coming out! Grab them while you still can. Smile

Rangoli: Pride of Peacocks Rangoli

Pictures taken during our South India trip during the winter break. Some of these pictures were taken while traveling in an auto, during waiting for the traffic signal. Let us know if you know the dot count. Smile

Rangoli: Bird Rangoli

A casual kolam drawn by my sister-in-law in Thanjavur. I'm saving it here for my memory. Smile