Rangoli: Freehand Design
Rangoli: Board Rangoli
Rangoli: Roller Rangoli
Rangoli: Margazhi kolam1
Rangoli: Veggie carving
Rangoli: Floating lamp
Rangoli: Thulasi Brindhavan

Tulasi attracts and transmits Lord Krisnha's Principle in larger proportion. Hence Tulasi is offered to Lord Krishna.(Reference Sattvik Rangolis).

Rangoli: Freedom Kolam

This kolam is dedicated for the Independence Day .Hope you enjoy this one

Rangoli: Krishna Jayanthi Special

This free hand rangoli done by my daughter along with her friend in front of my house for Krishna jayanthi.She is taking up her +2 exams this year.

Rangoli: Happy Krishna Jayanthi

This kolam done by my neighbour Rasiga signifies welcoming Krishna right from the entrance with the traditional Kumbam,Paneer and Santhnam,along with the fruit basket and the Pakshanam ( prasad) plate.You can also see the Asthathala Padma Padam towards the left hand side

Rangoli: Kuthuvilaku  Alangaram

This is a decoration of Kuthuvilaku done on Varalaksmi Viratham by my mother though we dont have the Nonbhu

Rangoli: Nandhi on Mattupongal day

This is a picture of the Nandhi at Thiruvanamalai(my home town)which is decorated with varities of fruits ,vegetables ,snacks(like biscuits,popcorn,chocolates ,milk sweets) and flowers especially on MATTU PONGAL DAY.The offerings are made to the Nandhi in the form of garlands when people have their wishes fulfilled by the Lord.

Rangoli: Coconut Climbers

Just a picture to share the advancement in technology.The picture though not very clear shows the coconut climber talking over his mobile phone on top of the tree(20 years old tree) which fascinated my husband to capture .Judy's David and Golaith and Lata's respect for coconut climber tempted me to send this picture

Rangoli: Cross Stitch Embroidery

Friends this embroidery is done on matty cloth.I just thought this design ,resembled the Kumil Kolam done by Uma Maheswaran.Hence I posted this cross stitch work