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Here are the kolams and rangolis in this page:
  • Bright stars
  • Nalvaravu
  • Pallapazham - Jack Fruit
  • Scenic village
  • Chaitanya
  • Sword stars
  • Seven stars
  • 7 Stars
Rangoli: Bright stars

Happy Varalakshmi Viratham to all ikolam friends.This kolam is dedicated for this auspicious day

Rangoli: Nalvaravu

This kolam is dedicated to all the new entrants of Ikolam.For those who are not familiar with Tamil ,the script means "WELCOME"

Rangoli: Pallapazham - Jack Fruit

This is a picture of jackfruit tree in our garden at Chennai which yielded tasty fruits for the first time after planting it a decade back. The fruit takes 4 months to ripen fully and once ripe automatically comes off the branch.

Rangoli: Scenic village

This is a picture of our village near Vellore which is 10 km off the main road.The small amman temple at the background of our paddy fields looks very scenic.Recently I had been there and was then pictured.The quiteness of the village and the natural green colour around you makes you feel so refreshing

Rangoli: Chaitanya

This rangoli called Chaitanya is drawn based on the Principle of Goddess Saraswathi.So doing this rangoli on the days dedicated to Goddess Saraswathi will attract and transmit the Deity's Princilple to greater extent. This rangoli is taken from a book called "Sattvik Rangoli"

Rangoli: Sword stars

This is yet another kolam of my 13-7 series. This design looks like the swords dancing.

Rangoli: Seven stars

My next kolam of 13 to 7 series.Can be done by begineers and children easily.the violet kolam in the centre went drawn is supposed to bring luck(info from a book which I read sometime back)

Rangoli: 7 Stars

This is my 3rd entry of the 13 to 7 pulli series