Coconut Climbers

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Just a picture to share the advancement in technology.The picture though not very clear shows the coconut climber talking over his mobile phone on top of the tree(20 years old tree) which fascinated my husband to capture .Judy's David and Golaith and Lata's respect for coconut climber tempted me to send this picture

Rangoli: Coconut Climbers


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This is very good. In fact, it would even be better if the climber uses a hard hat and gloves as safeguards against falling and insects and crawling creatures. I don't remember the name of the movie nor even the language of the movie now. But they were climbing arecanut (aDike) trees to harvest. The interesting thing is they move from tree to tree by swaying one tree and hopping on to the other without ever getting down. The photography was so superb and poetic!

Regards! - mOhana

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Sumathi, thanx for your timely upload!

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Nice poto, timely too. mOhanaji, u can see in every malayalam movie these scenes.

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Interesting picture Sumathi! Coconut tree climbers are gutsy people!
Attending a cell phone call while being on top of a coconut tree - talk about putting your family and customers first!! Smile
I'm glad this gentleman is using some kind of a harness around his waist. The climbers I had seen in my grandpa's village made use of a chord-band only around their ankles.

I'm going to start watching Malayalam movies too. My first stop: Daddy Cool Smile

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Yes friends as you rightly the idea of sending this picture of coconut climbers struck me after reading the comments in Judy's coconut picture.Quite intresting to see them climb on the tree top like a spider.

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Nice Pic, Sumathi Ma'am...... Lataji, even now in our village, in our Coconut farm, the climbers do as you have mentioned.....