Rangoli: Freehand Design
Rangoli: Board Rangoli
Rangoli: Roller Rangoli
Rangoli: Margazhi kolam1
Rangoli: Veggie carving
Rangoli: Floating lamp
Rangoli: Twinkling Stars

This is a simple kolam with a dot count of 13 to 7. I plan to post different designs using the same pulli count.

Rangoli: Rathina Kambalam

This is yet another kolam learnt from my Grandmother. She told me that it is called Rathina Kambalam probably because it looks like a carpet.

Rangoli: Border designs

Few border designs created virtually to my imagination. Comments to improve further most welcomed.

Rangoli: Virtual Rangoli

This is my first Virtual Rangoli which I am posting for this site. I want the experts to comment and help me to improve further

Rangoli: Arthi plate

This is another arthi plate created with the materials used in picture framing used for inviting the newly weds.

Rangoli: Arthi plate

Arthi plate done with match sticks and beads removed from Chandana Malai.

Rangoli: Aarthi Plate

This is done with ice-cream sticks. The 16 words mentioned on the sticks are the 16 qualities which one should posses in life. These wordings are generally used by elders when they bless some one. These plates are generally used to welcome the newly wed with an arthi.