Rangoli: Freehand Design
Rangoli: Board Rangoli
Rangoli: Roller Rangoli
Rangoli: Margazhi kolam1
Rangoli: Veggie carving
Rangoli: Floating lamp
Rangoli: Varalakshmi Viratham Kolam

This is my simple kolam done for friday pooja.I started doing this rangoli and saw the black clouds ,tried to finish it as simple as possible before it started drizziling

Rangoli: Summer Special

Hope this design makes u all feel chill and cool from the scorching Chennai heat

Rangoli: Arthi plate collage

Arthi plates done for my nephew's reception a couple of years back.Most of the creations are "Wealth out of waste".The flower plate done with pencil shavings,another one with the shells,bird plate from cuttings of old greeting card etc.

Rangoli: Free Hand Design

Yet another free hand rangoli done outdoor for MAHA SIVARATHRI.Your comments please !!!!!

Rangoli: Spring Flowers

Just sharing a flowery MSP rangoli from my old rangoli book.Hope u enjoy it

Rangoli: Shiva Shiva Om

This rangoli is dedicated for the Mahasivarathri day which falls on 13 th March.The Nagalinga flowers and Vilva leaves are considered auspicious for Lord Shiva.

Rangoli: Satin ribbon Plate

Another arthi plate done with satin ribbon,tried to create a kolam but turned out to be some design.Hope u like it

Rangoli: Arthi Plate

Another decorative plate wishing and blessing the couple the meaning of life .Starts with one word goes up to 10 words.