Krishna Jayanthi Special

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This free hand rangoli done by my daughter along with her friend in front of my house for Krishna jayanthi.She is taking up her +2 exams this year.

Rangoli: Krishna Jayanthi Special


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Beautiful rangoli Sumathi, although the symmetry (count of different elements) is a little different. It was nice of your daughter to take some time out from her busy year to participate in making such rangolis, and also share with us.
Let me know if this needs to be filed in a separate category under your daughter's name.

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Hi lata, Thanks for the reply ,actually she is quite busy this year .I dont think she can update her gallery that very often.Once she becomes an Architect next year ,then she can have a seperate file as suggested by u.

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Actually, I wanted to know if you would prefer this to be saved up separately. She doesn't need to update anything. If categorized separately, this piece will start showing up in her own folder, and will not be seen in your's (mom's). My daughter doesn't update either, and doesn't need to, because that's what mom's are for, right? Smile

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Ok Lata you can go ahead.My daughter is Aparna

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Aparna ur rangoli looks soo beautiful...

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Ur Rangoli is very beautiful, Aparna.... Sumathi Ma'am, We wish all Luck and Happiness to You & Your Family.....

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Sumathi, congrats, for making Aparna to do this. Your real sucess is in training the younger generation to continue this art.
Aparna, you have done a very good job. All the best for your studies also.

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Good work, Aparna! You try more after your +2 exams!

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Thank you friends for all the encouraging comments and wishes to Aparna. I knew the kolam lacked a bit of symmetry but still I wanted to encourage her by sending the kolam so that the comments she receives from you all motivates her to do many more in future

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very nice with good colors

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Nice to see Aparna's interest in rangolis Sumathi and as Rajamma said I am so happy that you have been able to pass on this lovely tradition to her... All the best for her +2 exams and hope she is able to continue this art after she completes her schooling... Aparna we will look out for more of your creations soon....

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Very nice rangoli keep it up aparna...

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This kolam is so cool! I like the way you've used bright colors.