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Here are the kolams and rangolis in this page:
  • Kavi Kolam
  • Ganesha
  • Reverse glass painting
  • Free hand rangoli
  • Pinky pink
  • Varusha Pirappu Kolam
  • NEER MAEL KOLAM - Hriduyakamalam
  • Rainbow stars
Rangoli: Kavi Kolam

This is my 4th kolam of the 13-7 series. Hope you enjoy this .

Rangoli: Ganesha

This kolam is done with a dot count of 19, done 14 times. The remaining dots could be cleared after the Ganesha is drawn.

Rangoli: Reverse glass painting

My daughter did this painting a couple of years ago. The painting is done on the reverse side of the glass and then the framing is done with the crushed foil as the background

Rangoli: Free hand rangoli

Just another free hand Rangoli created to my imagination. Doesn't it look like a Star fish? Of course this kolam has an extra arm than the star fish.

Rangoli: Pinky pink

This is yet another Rangoli of 13 -7 series. I named it flowervase since it looks like one

Rangoli: Varusha Pirappu Kolam

This kolam is done with a dot count of 12 - 12 for the tamil newyear day.

Rangoli: NEER MAEL KOLAM - Hriduyakamalam

This is first try of Lakshmi's demo on kolam over water. I tried it using talcum powder.

Rangoli: Rainbow stars

This is my second kolam of 13 to 7 dot count. I have used 7 colours, hence I named it "Rainbow Stars".