Kuthuvilaku Alangaram

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This is a decoration of Kuthuvilaku done on Varalaksmi Viratham by my mother though we dont have the Nonbhu

Rangoli: Kuthuvilaku  Alangaram


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The face used here was got by my Uncle from Kolkatta generally sold during the Durga pooja there .The pink garland is also stitched by my Mom

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So the "deity" at the center is the decorated Kuthuvilakku/lamp? It also looks like Devi. Smile
I think about your mother whenever you post something that has to do with puja/deities. Smile

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Got it. Looks like both of us commented at the same time Smile
For more of Sumathi's mom's craft-work, please go to:

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Sumathi this sure looks divine....

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This is her own department ,every afternoon she will be doing all her stitching watching the regular TV serials

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So sweet - good she is keeping herself busy at this age....

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Devi in Vilakku and all other decoration look grand and devine.

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Sumathi excelent decoration.......and looks grand ....

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The pink mala was very nice and decoration also welcomes devi immedietly to ur home,nice sumathi,thank u for share.

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It is a novel idea to use the Kolkatta Kali's face for Varalakshmi Pooja!
And the concept of pink dupatta is also unique! Hats off to your mother!

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Sumathi Ma'am, Grand Decoration and Excellent Ideas....

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very nice