deepa ram

Rangoli: Fusion type rangoli with Red colours
Rangoli: Navrathri kolam
Rangoli: copy cat kolam
Rangoli: Tuesday kolam
Rangoli: Akshaya trithiya Tibetian type rangoli
Rangoli: mixed padi kolam
Rangoli: Sun moon design

Trace out the sun moon design for decoration.

Rangoli: Tulip border

Use tulip border for pillow cases and cushion furnishing.

Rangoli: Tiger lily with orange berries

Enjoy the shaded effect in lily and berries, using them for household TV covers, Fridge and teapoy spreads.

Rangoli: Stars on curtains

This simple designs suit curtains, bed spreads, pillow and even sarees!

Rangoli: Fabric design

Another design for painting. The blue berries are done with round tip of cotton ear buds dipped in paint, looks like berries!. Same could be used to paint flowers with 5,7 petals [like a 5 stone ear stead]. This technique can be used in plain cotton sarees (with glitter coat if you wish), cotton tops (around neck), kurtas, plain salwar pants.

Rangoli: Pillow cover fabric design

this simple one suits pillow cover corners.use shade effect to see good results.just draw free handed in a paper and specific rules for maintaining the shape of flowers same as in this stencil.can extend use the way the hand flows while drawing

Rangoli: Modern tulip design

this modern stencil technique could add artistic touch if painted well.trace designs with the inner gapes seen.use colours according to base red flowers with light brown leaves on white cloth.mix fabric colours with some extra drops of water,if the base cloth is cotton.when u paint this extra drops will spread and u can apply another coat to merge the previous one with little yellow paint,alternatively.continue in strip by strip method in one direction.u get that shaded effect.

Rangoli: Applique work

take any coloured cotton cloth ,trace design and cut out shapely flowers,leaves.use fabric glue to stick and highlight with 3D glitters.mostly contrasting and bright colours will be more attractive.if both the applique designs and the base cloth are of same texture it will stick easily