Tuesday kolam

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A star shaped kolam made for one of the tuesdays.....ur views please !

Rangoli: Tuesday kolam


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Very nice star line kolam deepa...as usual d lotuses r lovely...remembering d same kolam done by me in pink and blue...lovely pa...

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Very nice.

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thank u Rani mam and veni mam

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nice star kolam the lotus is very good.

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very beautiful lotus kolam.

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ahaaa veli borderil poota pookal evalavu neata irukku.

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beautiful colorrcombination dear .Congrats!keep it up

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Nice star kolam Deepa. But i miss something in your recent kolams which made your kolams very pleasant and beautiful. May be now a days you are making kolams in a hurry. I am saying this just as your fan to enjoy the best from you.

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Beautiful kolam deepa.

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yes Brindha mam, u guessed it right.....its a little hurry these days....i too regret the finishing touches of my kolam....earlier i used to put kolam for hours..now our lane is full of construction works and too much people around..i feel a bit uneasy to do kolam outside for hours..that's why...but will try and present the best ones whenever possible...thank u so much for ur comments ! and thanks so much alamelu mam,padma mam,subashini mam,chitra mam and Rekha mam !

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Nice kolam Deepa.


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Nice kolam with your always fresh lotuses(slightly different this time).