deepa ram

Rangoli: Fusion type rangoli with Red colours
Rangoli: Navrathri kolam
Rangoli: copy cat kolam
Rangoli: Tuesday kolam
Rangoli: Akshaya trithiya Tibetian type rangoli
Rangoli: mixed padi kolam
Rangoli: another special tuesday!

this is another special kolam on tuedsay,the angle is slightly tilted,so the kolam looks a little unsymmetrical!

Rangoli: Friday Kolam

a special friday kolam inspired by kamala viswanathan's flickr kolam photos,as usual with some modifications of my own.

Rangoli: tuesday special !

this a small kolam inspired by the kolakuzhlal kolams of brindha mam,which i always try with my own outer modifications.the design idea was from a photo seen in kolam tags of flickr photos.

Rangoli: Spiderweb Kolam

A small trial version of a kolam which I saw in flickr photos with some modified outlines on my own.

Rangoli: Chitragupta pooja kolam

This is the chitragupta pooja kolam, asking Chitra gupta to highlight our punya first and write our paava last, when God asks him to show our life total to decide our next birth [as said by my mother].

Rangoli: maa kolam for Narasimha jeyanthy

a special maa kolam for Narasimha Jeyanthy at the manaivasal.took photo at night,because in the morning before i wake up our home guest squirrels would finish their breakfast.

Rangoli: Chitra poornima special

8th of may this year has many special attributes. Narasimha jeyanthy, Chitra poornima, sampadh gowri viradham, chitragupta pooja, deivendra pooja all fall in this day. So a special kolam today!

Rangoli: Akshya tritiya special

This kolam was specially made for Akshya tritiya, when I took pictures it was almost nine o' clock so it looks a little dull this time.