Fabric design

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About Fabric design:

Another design for painting. The blue berries are done with round tip of cotton ear buds dipped in paint, looks like berries!. Same could be used to paint flowers with 5,7 petals [like a 5 stone ear stead]. This technique can be used in plain cotton sarees (with glitter coat if you wish), cotton tops (around neck), kurtas, plain salwar pants.

Rangoli: Fabric design


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I want to try this on my placemat with my sunflower stencil.

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nice design. the outer coat of the rose is nice...like wise you can give the outer line on leaves too...

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creativity extends to the any limit the creator draws it!.depending upon the item used as base cloth u can use glitters,kiruthiga mam.here it was a pillow cover.the effect of glitters extended would embossom the leaf and so i avoided it.u can try it out if it's on table mats.