Sun moon design

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Trace out the sun moon design for decoration.

Rangoli: Sun moon design


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Hot and cool design!

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I made a greeting card with a similar design.

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A 'Monolisa' expression of the sun!

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Is it an "ARDHA NAAREESHWAR" face?

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Nice one yes it looks like"ARDHA NAAREESHWAR" face.

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It is quite nice to look at and the overlap has come out well.

If you don't mind, as viewed from the earth, the apparent size of the sun and the moon
is the same. That is why, during eclipses (solar and lunar), the whole disc is
covered. It may be a good idea to keep the size the same and you have already
distinguished the sun and moon by their colours (blue for the moon and yellow for
the sun, I believe).

There is another ardhanArISvara in my IWD panel Smile Regards! - mOhana

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a perfect round shape for this design would confuse sun and moon i i made moon crescent shaped,and distinguished with colours.when i made this design i remembered of YING- YANG chinese resembles the sony ericsson mobile LOGO.this symbol is similar to the concept of balance in creation,existence in this context it can be related to "ardhanareeswara" face.