Similar dotted rangolis

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These two dotted kolams look similar, with triangular petals, drawn around a flower/star. First dotted kolam has a dot grid of 14 (2 rows) to 7 (interlaced). The one on the right uses a 15 - 8 dot grid (interlaced). And I was inspired by Ms.Priya's design found here:

Rangoli: Similar dotted rangolis


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Exactly what I too have Lata Smile

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Will look good for a Diwali lantern. Good ones.

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Nice and beautiful rangoli.

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very beautiful lata

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Lata Mam, Thanks for these Kolams.The 14 dots is my favourite one but I have forgotten the dots ( and exact design). I searched my old kolam notes for this kolam this margazhi but not able to find them, now you have given the same design which I've searched........

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Both rangolis ome out very well.

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two different kolam looks very beautiful

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For a second I thought both were the same, but then noticed the different dot counts. Very simple and beautiful and will make a good subject for rangoli.

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very beautiful dear. superb designs. no words lata great work. and very east to learn this one. romba nanna irukku. i will tell my daughter to learn this by herself from the site dear.

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hai mam u r increasing my urge to learn drawing kolam with the help of photoshop waiting to learn and unlearn during the chennai meet