Star kolam

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looks pretty... i like the green shade....

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Very nice Lata, but i confused.. to draw...-Indira

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If slight alterations are made, these will look like bears Smile Excellent!

Regards! - mOhana

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nice kolam latha the colour is also pretty

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Excellent lata mam!!!

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The finished product looks fantastic, but how does one start? The dots, I mean, what sequence are they in? Please advise, so I can draw it too.

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I started with the dot at the center, and placed the 7 dots surrounding it. I then drew the stroke completely, before placing the outer dots (in a triangle). That is the way I did it in computer. And that is the way I would do it on the ground too. Smile

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Very nice...

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very nice and simple mam

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wonderful. I'll try later!

Love is the answer

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very nice lata mam

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Indha kutti kolam romba pidichiruku.naanum try panren.nice kolam.

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Thanks a lot pa...good night...he..he..

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Vanakkam, I'm new to kolam. I found them very beautiful. How do you count 5x2 ?

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nice,beautiful teddy's .Lata u have mentioned 5x2 but how to put this dots dear

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Lovely mam...! Smile

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Lovely mam...! Smile