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All that talk about Valentine made me realize I hadn't made any rangoli with Valentine's day in mind, this year. So, here comes a bird couple, under the sky. The basic coloring is provided by chalk (both regular kind and pastel chalk), and the filtered sunlight through the branches is provided by Photoshop. What a romantic and protective bird he is! Smile

Freehand Rangoli
Rangoli: Birdies


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Hmmmm...really real romantic lata....looks like seeing a picture Blum 3 ...superb photography :bigsmile: his eyes r slightly open and look at her closed eyes...woooh Angel

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One bird says to the other - Why did she place the dots, but didn't draw any pattern?
The other says - May be she wants us to draw together.
Lovely idea, for our love's sake, let us draw!

Beautiful work! Regards - mOhana

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hehe mOhanaji nice comment... Biggrin :bigsmile: ...beautiful creation...birds , umbrella & swing looks cool... Smile what a lovely idea... :love: :love:

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what a cute couple they are !lovely .I remember a old song"ulavum thendra katrinilay,oodamidhey ,oonjaladuvom".rajam,jkm sir and jaya may be know the full songs.swing in the air.

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Enjoy! - mOhana

PS: Was just a kid of seven when I first heard this song!

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o,what an instant reply! Thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much sir for your sincere reply.

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I have already heard this song so many times.I like the lyrics of this very much.yet,I heard this song and enjoyed this once more.Thank you so much for your link.

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lovely Lata,Roamtic birds, she is shy and he is bold I like Mohanji comment and song - subha opt song for this rangoli.

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lovely Lata,Roamtic birds, she is shy and he is bold I like Mohanji comment and song - subha opt song for this rangoli.

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wow lovely romantic birds lata :love: simply awesome Smile :love:


Nee pathi nan pathi kanne, Aruginil nee indri thungadhu kanne...
Nee ilaiyel nan ilaye uyir neyeeeeee!
Ada ada what a lovely love birds singing the above love song lata dear... Superb creation dear... :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: Smile

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Wow very cute little love birds!!!

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So romantic lata. Nicely conceived by you and brought the same in the picture..Lovely birds. :star: Smile

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Not conceived by me Sowmya, I had seen this in either one of the cards or my kids books. There are plenty more versions, just not enough time to make more. Smile

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Thanks all for enjoying these birdies and for such nice comments and songs too.

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Wonderful work.

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romantic,,,,,,,,,, Wink cho chweet ones