Rangoli: Chikku kolam
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Chikku kolam
Rangoli: chikku kolam for Rani

Rani, this is my belated gift[belated] for your birthday.I wish you become a Rani in wet maavu kolam drawing also. Smile

Rangoli: Mardi gras Rangoli

Here is a small chikku kolam with green, violet and yellow combination as my contribution (delayed)for Mardi Gras celebration.
(Just admiring the lovely uploads from other members in this striking colour combination!)

Rangoli: Happy Valentines Day !

I just managed to draw a "RedHeart" with Maadhulam pazham Smile . Wishing you all my friends in ikolam with Lots and Lots of Love on this special day :love:

Rangoli: Smaller version of mOhanaji's kolam

I could draw a smaller version of JKM Sir's kolam on my kitchen slab with 13-1 dots.Since the is small I have to restrict the dots to 13. Tried the wavy lines also.

Rangoli: Pottu vechcha pullikkolam

Created a simple chikku kolam in a padikkolam design and decorated with colour lines.Hope you will enjoy.

Rangoli: morning raaga

Managed to sing a simple morning raaga in a colourful mood. Smile

Rangoli: Morning raaga

During Margazhi all of you were very busy uploading new new kolams everyday. I was admiring all your wonderful works. This was the only simple morning raaga I did in Margazhi. I hope, to do more in this Thai maadham atleast. Smile

Rangoli: Birthday card kolam

Wanted to make a simple Birthday card to wish mOhanaji on his birthday.As he is a specialist in making wonderful rangoli designs with LETTERS ( in all language), i tried to make this simple card incorporating letters from the name "MOHANA".Just made this design with the first letter M scattered here and there. But after that I could not proceed further due to other urgent household works. I am just uploading this and want somebody to complete the task either in PC work or in real rangoli.