Arthi Plate

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About Arthi Plate : PRINT

Another decorative plate wishing and blessing the couple the meaning of life .Starts with one word goes up to 10 words.

Rangoli: Arthi Plate


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Wonderful greeting for the newly wed. Your handwriting is very beautiful, wordings excellent... your own imagination?

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Excellent Kavithai.very nice.

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Very beautiful work and a great idea. Nicely executed.
My knowledge of tamizh is next to nothing. Still I have a doubt. If (thA y SE y tha ga p pa n) has nine letters, should not (ku Du m ba vA zh k kai) have eight letters? How is it seven then?

Regards! - mOhana

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nice idea sumathi.

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mOhanaji, You are shrewd, as always. I think a small modification of 'Kudumba vaazhkkai' into 'kudumba vaazhvu' would set this right. Got the point Sumathy? Good job!

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sumathi nice decoration,border looks grand....whenever ur free pl..translate this to english..

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i agreee with lakshmi, for us at least you should translate in english then only the comment will be with added masala, even now it is not that i should comment. well designed arathi plate.

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Rajamma ,that's my daughters handwriting.Mohanaji thanks for pointing the mistake and Jayaji ,wonderful for giving the idea for correction .Laxs and Sudha will try to translate in english but may not have the same punch.

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The wordings are my mother's idea

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Very nice wordings.

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nice idea.

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Thoughtful words. Great idea. Good handwriting, and nice craftsmanship.

One of these days, I am going to take your file back to photoshop to add some nailpolish effect to the cork. Smile

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Wow aunty! there cant be a better greeting than this, and any newly wedded couple would definitly get senti and emotional on reading this.

Its long since i met ur mother. Pl, convey my regards to her.

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Rao Sir I checked with my mother's original script,for the word va zh ik kai, she has avoided the letter ik,then it becomes a 7 letter word.I think it is my daughter who has added the extra letter "ik" .Otherwise it would have been va zh kai.

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Great work., love the design and wordings...