Varalakshmi Viratham Kolam

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This is my simple kolam done for friday pooja.I started doing this rangoli and saw the black clouds ,tried to finish it as simple as possible before it started drizziling

Rangoli: Varalakshmi Viratham Kolam


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wow sumathy mam...long time no see....this freehand design is so nice....

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அவசரத்தில் போட்டாலும் அழகான கோலம் சுமதி.

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Good one and good colour combination except little symmetry issue in the centre flower.

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Very good try. nice

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Good one Sumathi. Why loong time no see?

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So Cute and Colorful...

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Nice kolam, you are missing for quite some time!

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gud try

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Nice kolam with bright colours, Sumathi.

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Jayanthi had a little problem with my right fore finger ,hence didnt want to strain much

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Is your finger ok now Sumi?? don't strain too much yaar.. Nice kolam Smile

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That is why I dont do much of rangoli,Judy