Shiva Shiva Om

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This rangoli is dedicated for the Mahasivarathri day which falls on 13 th March.The Nagalinga flowers and Vilva leaves are considered auspicious for Lord Shiva.

Rangoli: Shiva Shiva Om


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Neat work Sumathi. I see that you're not only particular about mentioning the dot count, but also don't mix in other kolams with different dot counts.
These kind of files are easy for me to tag. Thank you Smile

(Just a thought; maybe the flowers could've been rotated too, just like the leaves?)

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nice kolam.

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Lovely kolam Sumathi the lingas look really nice. Like Lata said the flowers could have been rotated and those four empty spaces at the top and bottom are waiting to be filled with flowers too Smile

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Lata,I should have rotated the flowers.

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Judy ,I didnt realise that I missed those corners

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sumathi very nice creations,has come out very well.... i like the Vilva leaves ...

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Nice Lingam kolam, vilvam and Nagalinga flowers looking very pretty.

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lovely lingam kolam, the nagalingam and vilva leaves looks great.

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Sumathi maam nice and bright kolam and cute lingams... the flowers and leaves add to the beauty