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Rangoli: Chikku kolam
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  • My teddy bears
  • Silk moth
  • A cat in a basket
  • My Unicorn!
  • Rangoli and knot of eternity
  • Fire Fairy
  • Dotted Lamp Kolam
  • My macaw
Rangoli: My teddy bears

I had my 5th birthday party in a place called "Build a bear workshop". It is a place where they help you build your own bear. They provide you with some of the basic materials like the fur, filler-material and bows. It was fun to build our own bears!

Last year, I decided to dress up my bears with different outfits. Finding a pretty outfit for my girl teddy bear was easy, I just took one of my outgrown formal dresses. But for the boy teddy bear, I had to think and come up with a few ideas. Everyone in my family laughed when I showed them my boy teddy bear wearing a rug around him. He had one of my mom's silk blouse borders for a towel over his shoulder. I thought they looked very nice!
What do you think?

Rangoli: Silk moth

We learned about silk moths in our class. The silk moths started out as tiny brown eggs. After a few days, little caterpillars came out. These caterpillars feed on leaves. Our teacher had placed the caterpillars in a cardboard box with lots of mulberry leaves. In the next few days, they ate and got bigger. They stopped moving around and built a cocoon around themselves. Inside the cocoon, their skin started to grow and change. My teacher put each cocoon in a separate paper cup and gave each of us one to take home.

I kept my cup up on the mantle in our home. After a few days, when I was reading a book next to the mantle, I heard a faint fluttering sound. At first, I didn't know where the sound came from. But then, I noticed that it was coming from the mantle place. What a surprise, there was a white colored moth in my paper cup, next to the broken cocoon!
The silk moths don't eat anything and they are not able to fly. They only live for a few days. It was hard to see my dead moth after a few days.

Rangoli: A cat in a basket

A drawing of a girl carrying her cat in a basket. I used pastels to color it. I have always wanted to take care of cats as pets, but my parents don't allow me to.

Last year, a mother cat had given birth to her kittens under our deck in the backyard. We didn't know about it and continued to play on the deck. After a few days, one of the kitten wobbled through our backyard door into our house, from underneath the deck (when her mom was gone for a while). I quickly shut the door behind it, so it wouldn't get away. I thought I could keep it as my pet! But then I realized that the mom cat would be looking for her baby, so my sister and I played with it for an hour and then let it go under the deck. I haven't seen the kitten again!

Rangoli: My Unicorn!

I would like to ride a unicorn some day!

Rangoli: Rangoli and  knot of eternity

Free style rangoli created by Surya, and a knot of eternity dotted kolam by Diya.

Rangoli: Fire Fairy

This is my Fire Fairy, and she is holding a ball of fire in her hand.

Rangoli: Dotted Lamp Kolam

My first dotted kolam. I used chalk to make it. It has 6 dots in a row, and there are 6 rows. Style of dots: parallel.

Rangoli: My macaw
This rangoli was published on 2009-02-16.