Rangoli: Adi velli rangoli
Rangoli: Multicolored bird rangoli
Rangoli: Happy Tamil new year
Rangoli: Chikku kolam on newspaper
Rangoli: Butterflies
Rangoli: Chikku kolam
Here are the kolams and rangolis in this page:
  • Grandma
  • Native indian girl
  • Native indian girl
  • Diwali rangoli
  • Eggplant
  • Magic Mushrooms
  • Butterfly for the garden
  • California State Flower - Poppy
Rangoli: Grandma

I made this paper doll when I was in 2nd grade. We were asked to make a doll out of brown construction paper and design it to make it look like our grandmother.

Rangoli: Native indian girl

I have used wooden puzzle pieces to make this native indian girl.

Rangoli: Native indian girl

I have used wooden puzzle pieces to make this native indian boy.

Rangoli: Diwali rangoli

I made my rangoli on a plate. I had used red and green colored sand. I was told that I was not eligible to participate. But I wanted to send mine anyway, just for fun.

Rangoli: Eggplant

Here is my purple eggplant dotted rangoli. Hope you like it!

Rangoli: Magic Mushrooms

Here comes Surya's magic mushrooms! We've admired these red spotted mushrooms in story books, but never bothered to find out more about them, until now. The botanical name is Amanita muscaria and the common name is fly agaric or fly Amanita. It is a poisonous kind of fungu, well known for its hallucinogenic properties. It is found in abundance in the cental and northern Europe. According to the legend, the vikings ate these mushrooms to induce their rage.

Rangoli: Butterfly for the garden

I made this butterfly just to meet the other butterflies in the garden and also to dance with them. Hope you like my red butterfly as much as I do.

Rangoli: California State Flower - Poppy

I wanted to make a rangoli out of our state flower - poppy. I used pastels to make this rangoli.