Rangoli: Adi velli rangoli
Rangoli: Multicolored bird rangoli
Rangoli: Happy Tamil new year
Rangoli: Chikku kolam on newspaper
Rangoli: Butterflies
Rangoli: Chikku kolam
Here are the kolams and rangolis in this page:
  • Krishnajayanthi
  • Tissue flowers
  • Carriage up the mountain
  • Pebble People
  • Icecream cones
  • Peacock ( for Kahani magazine)
  • Paper doily birds
  • Tie dye
Rangoli: Krishnajayanthi

I colored this Krishna picture as part of my Bal Vihar work last year.

Rangoli: Tissue flowers

Trees blossoming with tissue flowers.
-Made by the 2nd grade class of Dilworth school

Rangoli: Carriage up the mountain

A carriage going up the mountain.

Rangoli: Pebble People

My mom sent me to the backyard on a timeout, and this is how I had fun!

Rangoli: Icecream cones

I love icecream cones! Whenever we go to Baskin and Robbins, I like to eat my icecream in a cone, and not a cup. My favorite flavor is Chocolate with sprinkles. My sisters like chocolate too. My parents always ask for Mocha Almond fudge when it is their turn to order. Indian kulfis are good too. What is your favorite flavor?

Rangoli: Peacock  ( for Kahani magazine)

Here is a picture of a peacock I drew last year. It was supposed to be sent to a magazine, but my parents forgot to send it on time!

Rangoli: Paper doily birds

My paper birds that I made last weekend.

Rangoli: Tie dye

I made this tie dye design with a sheet of paper towel, and had used liquid food coloring. I would be making this on my t-shirt this summer. And, of course, I'll share my picture will all of you.