Rangoli: Adi velli rangoli
Rangoli: Multicolored bird rangoli
Rangoli: Happy Tamil new year
Rangoli: Chikku kolam on newspaper
Rangoli: Butterflies
Rangoli: Chikku kolam
Here are the kolams and rangolis in this page:
  • Ant
  • Hearts
  • Lamp kolam
  • Valentine rangoli
  • Butterfly - Perler beads
  • Rangoli windows
  • Clay creations - grandma and grandpa
  • Rangoli
Rangoli: Ant

I made this ant using a few balloons, last year. It stayed inflated for two days, and lost lot of weight on the third day. I am not sure what happened after that as I could not find it on my table where I had left it before I left for school.

Rangoli: Hearts

Dotted rangoli. Dots: 8x8. My rangoli has hearts in it. I have used color pencils to color the rangoli.

Rangoli: Lamp kolam

I had made this dotted kolam at my grandpa's house in Sirkazhi, up on the terrace during the winter holidays. There are 6 rows of dots, and each row has 6 dots.

Rangoli: Valentine rangoli

I made my valentine card with a heart in the center. I used red rangoli powder to color it in, and drew two hearts on either sides. I used pink sugar crystals to color my pink hearts!

Rangoli: Butterfly - Perler beads

Last year, I had made some butterflies using a Perler bead kit. I had also made a couple of dogs. Perler bead kits come with a plastic base, in many shapes, and colorful bead kits. There is a piece of special paper included in the kit. We arrange the beads on the plastic base, and the beads are fused into place by placing the piece of paper on top and ironing it for a few seconds. The shape is then left to cool, undisturbed, and is then ready to be displayed.

Rangoli: Rangoli windows

Here are two of my rangoli windows that I made using paper. I save my paper-windows in books, so they don't get crumpled.

Rangoli: Clay creations - grandma and grandpa

Last year, I made these faces of grandma and grandpa, using clay.

Rangoli: Rangoli

This is the rangoli I made for Krishnajayanthi. I finished it at about 7:30 pm and it was a sunny evening. While taking a picture, we could not avoid the shadow of a banner falling in the middle of my rangoli. Yellow is my favorite color. I hope you like my small rangoli.