My teddy bears

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About My teddy bears:

I had my 5th birthday party in a place called "Build a bear workshop". It is a place where they help you build your own bear. They provide you with some of the basic materials like the fur, filler-material and bows. It was fun to build our own bears!

Last year, I decided to dress up my bears with different outfits. Finding a pretty outfit for my girl teddy bear was easy, I just took one of my outgrown formal dresses. But for the boy teddy bear, I had to think and come up with a few ideas. Everyone in my family laughed when I showed them my boy teddy bear wearing a rug around him. He had one of my mom's silk blouse borders for a towel over his shoulder. I thought they looked very nice!
What do you think?

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Rangoli: My teddy bears


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Very cute!


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surya mice dress next time ask u mother to give a pattu sari and stich dress a for ur teddy..

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Srenithy and aunties, my bears send their thanks to all of you.


Lakshmi, summa irukkra sanga oodhadhinga, please! I can give her a pattu saree, but taking the time to stitch a dress for teddy...impossible for me! Smile
Indha california-vil sareekku blouse thakkaradhe periya vishayam, bommaikku-laam ninaichu parka mudhiyadhu! Smile


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surya nice dress next time ask u mother to give a pattu sari and stich a dress for ur teddy..

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Surya, You are good in dressing up your pets.They also look very happy to wear the new dress.

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Srekutty this girl bear looks like a princess with her rich dress and the poor boy bear looks like her attendant with just a rug wrapped around him and a pattu thundu on his shoulder...

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Judy mam Srekutty did not dress up this teddy, SURYA did it.