A cat in a basket

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About A cat in a basket:

A drawing of a girl carrying her cat in a basket. I used pastels to color it. I have always wanted to take care of cats as pets, but my parents don't allow me to.

Last year, a mother cat had given birth to her kittens under our deck in the backyard. We didn't know about it and continued to play on the deck. After a few days, one of the kitten wobbled through our backyard door into our house, from underneath the deck (when her mom was gone for a while). I quickly shut the door behind it, so it wouldn't get away. I thought I could keep it as my pet! But then I realized that the mom cat would be looking for her baby, so my sister and I played with it for an hour and then let it go under the deck. I haven't seen the kitten again!

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Rangoli: A cat in a basket


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Surya,Is this back to basket after celebrating HOLI...It realy shows how u celebrated holi with ur cat. Nice drawing surya..If u need this kitty with u then please ask Kitty's owner she will give tips.....ok

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Surya, very good... Sahana will comment.

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Surya is this the mom cat that was looking for her kitten - the one you and your sister played with, because it has a sad look on its face...
next time you draw a cat make it smile....
I must say you have very good imagination - keep it up Surya...

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Surya the cat's eyes r so cool!

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The cat looks nice,but skinny.Has it not eaten anything yet?There are many cats in Singapore roaming freely on the streets.It will be a paradise for you.There are multi-coloured cats,brown cats,white cats,black cats and even grey cats!

I am not really interested in cats,but I'v always wanted to keep a dog as my pet.My father has promised me that he will get me a dog if I pass all my exams!(streaming this year for me).My cousin has a dog and its name is Costo.I adore it alot like you adore cats.
I am booked on all the days of the week So I don't have a pet.Hope your mother allows you to keep a pet in your house!
Well this shows me that you have good rememberance of the cat.
Keep drawing more!