Akshya tritiya special

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About Akshya tritiya special:

This kolam was specially made for Akshya tritiya, when I took pictures it was almost nine o' clock so it looks a little dull this time.

Akshaya Tritiya
Rangoli: Akshya tritiya special


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Deepa realy it looks nice...with pink kaavi...

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Beautiful pinkish kolam! It would be interesting to find out how many of our members believe and follow the practice of buying something precious (preferably gold) on the Akshaya tritiya day. Smile

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Buying gold is being made commercial by the Jewellers to target their sales.As J mam says it is preferable to start good thing on this auspicious day. But giving thanam of food stuff to the deserving is an important aspect of this day

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Looks traditional and beautiful!
Latha, anything good done on akshaya tritiya day will flourish!
It's upto the individual to choose what that 'good' means!

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Yes Jayaji ...1..On Akshaya triteeya day, Snaanam,Japam,homam,pitru tharpanam,danam will give akshaya phalam.
2.It is on this day that Sri Vedavyasa began his composition of sri Mahabharatha.
3.It is on this day that paandavas received Akshaya paatra from Sri Krishna paramathma.
4.It is on this day that Sudhama (Kuchela) visited Srikrishna carrying Avalakki(Aval) with the intention of asking something. But could not ask anything with Sri Krishna.

Jayaji as you said It's upto the individual to choose what that 'good' means....thank you.

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Very nice and trational.
One more thing.
On this day Guru Adhisankara wrote kanagadarashostram for the poor lady who feed HIM a nellikani.
This year it was a very huge celebaration at Kaladi Kerala by chanting kanakadarashostram non stoppingly for 32 days .
The final day (on akshyathrithya day) the Krishna there was decorated very well and performed pujas very well.

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Thanx Lakshmi for the 4 specialities of Akshaya thrithiya! Viji, you added 5th one which flashed to me also!

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So A traditional kolam brings out so many interesting details!. Well, for me Akshaya thrithiya is very important since a 'Lakshmi' came to my house.....yes, my son got married on an Akshaya thrithiyai day.
Before I bought one or two times gold on that day, then I realised any thing Good done is equal to Gold received.Nowadays I wear minimum gold, so stopped purchase also.
I am happy to say that my birthplace is near Kalady and Chanting Kanakadhaara slokam gives not only wealth but also a mind which is satisfied with whatever LAKSHMI gives.