Happy 100th Women's Day

brindhanagesh Tue, 03/09/2010 - 08:41
ankita seth
very nice ..... how is it done ....the features have come out really well.....
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Brindha ma'am....ki bolbo, kicho bolar moton nei...(wot to say i am speechless)...but yes i would also like to know how did u do it...i have to pinch myself and see if wot i am seeing is really true in front my eyes...hats off to ur patience and dunno wot else to say...
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Is this what they call a kumizh kolam? Very neat, and unique.
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Brindha, excellent creation. did you do this on a matticloth(used for cross stitch) and shaded with crayons ? I can see a peice of crayon too.
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Speechless.. You always come up with master piece.. Fantastic Work.. You have made everyone to guess the material used.. Crayons, Cross stitch on cloth, Kumizh kolam with podi.. My guess goes to cross stitch on matticloth as I see blue color as the base.. Still confused with the caption below.. romba aaraichi panniviten..kandu pidika thaan mudiyalai... Comment oru varila solittu, kelvi mattum naalu varila ketikiren.. he heee..
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I think Brindha wanted to achieve the kumizh kolam look. She had used the cross-stitch cloth, used her regular rangoli powder, maybe the crayons for the outlines. She has done it on the same table she had used for the contest-mat rangoli. This is my final guess. Caption is for the International women's day.
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Understood the caption Cause, . Podi has been used for Caption which differs from the main work....so little confused...
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Hi everyone :) Mom here has not used cross-stitch cloth, but she did intend to make it look like a cross-stitch design. She's used only kola-podi and quite a lot of work to get this done. :) Thanks to dad too. :)
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Brindha iam speech less!!hats off to ur patience..how long did u take to finish this?thanks for sharing with us..pl...explain how u did this...
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Aaha! Brindha & co, ellaraiyum ennennamo guess panna vechu asathitteengale! Still can't believe!
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OMG, What on earth is this? Its beyond words?

So many questions have been asked about this work. I just want know...


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hai mam thanks for sharing such a masterpiece it looks like a glass painting merged in a cross stich design with regards
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Really very nice work mam! It's of great beauty than your carpet rangoli. How you did this?
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wowwww...what a great work..looks like a cross stitch...shld have lots of patience to do this...awesome...
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wow wonderful. cant belive someone can do this hats off to you.looks very lovely.
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Master piece of your creation.You have kept the ikolam members guessing like the "Monalisa" painting.Hats off to your idea,patience and the cooperation from your family members
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Sob sob - we dont have Brindha for the Chennai meet to demonstrate how she created this masterpiece kumzhil kolam :( sob sob.. Brindha I am still trying to recover from a shock wave. I just cant believe what I am seeing. This modern art lady is fantastic. The way you have shaded ever part of this rangoli is terrific and cannot be described by words. I have goosebumps looking at it. For the last 15 minites I am looking at every part of this wonderful creation and thinking of how much effort Brinda and Co have put into this (hats off to Mr Nageshwaran for helping you create this lovely piece of art). How much you must love this art to give us this wonder. (PS: if you had put some mallipoo in her hair it would have been awesome - I think I am asking for too much) - just cant stop typing here, it is going on and on and on.............. CHELLAM - I LOVE YOU DA (Prakash Raj's voice)(hehe)
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amazing, dumbstruck....beautiful masterpiece, hats off to your patience to get such a nice matty finish. wish you could join us in the Bangalore meet to teach us, if not please make a video of the same nexttime.
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One of the finest pieces of art my eyes have viewed recently! This also demonstrates that the woman has a longing to create, the woman has an eye for beauty, the woman is thoughtful, the woman is patient and there are no heights or depths which the woman can not reach. Congratulations for a masterpiece! Regards! - mOhana
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very artistic work Brindha.we never forget you.yellorum yellavatraiyum solli vittargaL."Nandri solla vunakku, vaarthai yilla yenakku, naandhaan mayanguren"paattu gnabagam varuvadhai thadukka mudiyavillai.Thanks and hats off to you and your family, Brindha.
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Brindha mam, one final guess. Did u use any kind of a mesh... colored with kola podi on top of the mesh and atlast removed the mesh to give this cross stitch effect? Please tell us. Poor me, i won't be able to sleep tonight...
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Thanks everyone for such complimentary comments. All my tiredness went away by seeing all your words. There is no secret in this. I wanted to make a Kumizh kolam since when i saw one in ikolam some 6 or 7 months back. But i don't have any instrument or any idea of making such type of kolam. Again i was tempted by one of our friends recently. So i decided to make one in my own way and present something different for the Women's Day. Of course, it took me lot of time and i couldn't upload it on time. When i was looking for a design to make for Women's Day, my daughter showed me this picture made by cross-stich and there was no pattern given for that. So i prepared the pattern in a graph sheet by seeing the picture and counting the crosses. Then i drew squares on top of the Diwan (100 x 72 squares of 1 cm each) and made the design with normal kolapodi by filling each square one by one with hand. (If members want i will upload the grid photograph where i started from). It was a difficult job than what i expected. It took me two days to finish it (of course, in the middle of my household works and could not comment on any kolam for the last 4 days) may be nearly 10 to 12 hours. It would not have been possible for me without the encouragement of my husband, MIL and FIL. My husband helped me in making the squares and some tips in colouring also. He is the moral boost for me. So i must thank all of them for improving my talent to this extent. Please somebody reveal the secret of Kumizh kolam. IS there any instrument for that? Mohana Sir, Thank you. My efforts are rewarded by your words.
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i guess we could replace the word patience in the dictionary with ur name.
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Brindha, Hats off to you. wonderful work done. So ur shifting to calcutta is bringing out all ur hidden talents.The team work here is excellent. Lata, after the 'guess who did this" I think now onwards we can play this'Guess how I did this" For me it looks Brindha had used some Anchor stiching drawing as base for this and also feel some kind of mesh used for the base. How long Brindha is going to make us wait? rajamma
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Rajammaji, NO Anchor stitch kit and no mesh used ! I have already explained how I did it in my earlier message !!
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Brindha, I just typed my comment , some visitor came attended them and posted the comment after that without seeing ur comment. Thanks for the information. Infact my embroidery kolam on the backside of agranite slab with small square also was done like that. But since the gapes were more I could not get the desired effect. So one more time a good applause for you'OOh' Podunga ellaarum! rajamma
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Sorry i'm little late. That's an extraordinary work brindha maa'm. Thnak u for the wishes.
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Appa only now I am satisfied - nalla peria O pottutain (I put one big O). Brindha I just cant imagine how you completed this. The drive in you must have been trememdous. Height of patience 'BRINDHA'..
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Would love to see a picture of that grid too if possible :)
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with each of your new creations you surpass the other creations by you. Each time we feel that nothing can beat this creation and yet you come up with better ones. You are really gifted brinda ma'm Indhu
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