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  • Rangoli during my Marriage :)
  • Pookalam
  • special kolam
  • Kalyana Kolam - Wedding kolam
  • Marriage Kolam
  • Kalyan mandapam
  • Flower Kolam
  • marriage rangoli
  • Marriage kolam
Created by vidhyavaradharajan on 2011-06-11.

Hai here i upload my brothers marrige photos.It is the entrance of the marriage hall we...

Rangoli during my...
Rangoli: Rangoli during my Marriage :)
Created by anup on 2011-04-25.

simple rangolis done over red mud background.Please see and let me know ur suggestions...

Rangoli: Pookalam
Created by Sarasp on 2010-12-05.

Pookalam done by me on the occasion of my niece wedding recently. Lovely fresh flowers and fern...

special kolam
Rangoli: special kolam
Created by jasree on 2010-09-15.

Hai friends!!!!! I made this kolam today (5th sep) for our wedding anniversary. Your view plz...

Kalyana Kolam -...
Rangoli: Kalyana Kolam - Wedding kolam
Created by johnnaren on 2010-08-10.

I like to draw kolams. I learned to make kolams under my mom's guidance. This was drawn on my...

Marriage Kolam
Rangoli: Marriage Kolam
Created by johnnaren on 2010-08-08.

This is drawn by mother on my wedding. I have learnt drawing rangoli from my mom. She is good in...

Kalyan mandapam
Rangoli: Kalyan mandapam
Created by vyjayanthi on 2010-08-07.

Hi Friends,

Kalyan madapam kolam, Do u like it. your view pl.

Flower Kolam
Rangoli: Flower Kolam
Created by Radha Vasudevan on 2010-07-21.

After giving colours, we need to put the white border
again, so that the kolam will be...

marriage rangoli
Rangoli: marriage rangoli
Created by toindhu on 2010-07-18.

This rangoli was done by me for the occasion of my cousins wedding in front of the marriage hall...

Marriage kolam
Rangoli: Marriage kolam
Created by toindhu on 2010-07-09.

This is the kolam i did for the occation of my cousins wedding in front of the marriage hall....