Kalyana Kolam - Wedding kolam

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I like to draw kolams. I learned to make kolams under my mom's guidance. This was drawn on my niece's wedding.

Rangoli: Kalyana Kolam - Wedding kolam


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very nice the peacock looks very beautiful and the grapes along the borders are too good.

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beautiful rangoli made by u....

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very nice birdie design...one more white outline at the end would have enhanced this design to best Smile

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Very nice kalyana kolam. The peacocks have come out very nice.

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very nice peacock design..

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i wonder y the peacocks feel shy,, ha ha,, neat lively wk

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The peacocks look very nice. The border around the kolam almost looks like the feathers of the peacock fully opened out (except for the colour of course). Nice kolam.

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very beautifully done, i wonder if the bride and bridegroom are feeling shy or not but these peacock are really feeling shy.

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wow!!amazing!!!keep it up

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very pretty. All the peacocks are very beautiful. Very well done dear.

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Wonderful creation....

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Lovely peacock,looks like they r amidst snow flakes

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Wonderful kolam.

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Nice work. I would have liked a bit of tail for the peacock.

Regards! - mOhana

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Mangoes converted to peacock? That's why tail missing, I think! Nice coloring.

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good colour selection.


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If only you had connected the outer majenta design to the body of the peacock this would have been a complete joy to see. Looks a bit odd to see only the body of the bird without the tail attached to it.. Other than that this is really a treat to watch - very neatly displayed Smile

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Thanks for ur wishes. Let me upload some more......