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Pookalam done by me on the occasion of my niece wedding recently. Lovely fresh flowers and fern were used to decorate & heart was filled with Kozhi poo which had a velvet touch. Wax candles were lit n placed on the tip of Kuttu vilakku.

Rangoli: Pookalam


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Sarasji. Floral arrangement is so divine.

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saras...excellent flower arrangement..heart shape has come out very nice.looks very grand...

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Wow...saras....lovely poo kolam ...red and yellow combo s looking so bright....

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Very Nice floral arrangement...

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saras, woow very beautiful, very nice arrangement of flowers,

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Neat arrangement, the leaves part has come out extraordinary

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very extraordinary, Very grand look.

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very nice decoration with flowers.


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Nice heart pookolam with the initials highlighted. The main rangoli with flowers looks pretty.

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Nice display of flowers and rangoli! Hope you enjoyed doing it and got other's appreciations too!

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Very beautiful flower arrangement Saras..-Indira Sundar

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Nice decoration around the kuthuvillaku especially the veins on the leaves,I liked the way u used tea candles on the kuthuvilaku

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leaves and flowers and rangoli pwdrs have performed a wonderful show here, i just love those tiny diyas drawn

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Pookolam looks very pretty...the leaf arrangement and heart shape is too good which looks bright...

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Wonderful arrangement of flowers. The Leaves, the heart shaped design are the centre of attraction. the borders are also very cute.

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lovely arrangement saras.really, this morning I was thinking about you.

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Attractive pookolam,saras

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Lovely arrangement made with HEART full of LOVE, Saras:) The curves in the border with single flower in each tiny circle, look very cute.

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heart stole my heart!

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Wow such an amazing beauty. the way the flowers are arranged in the leaf design and the way the flowers are arranged and joined by colored lines all look wonderful, the red heart steals our hearts too!!!

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Fantastic. wedding gift for the two HEARTS joing on that day to become one. The red color kozhi poo is very well used. the greeny leaves and the white lines in that all come out very weel. Hope those came for the wedding enjoyed this.

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Very beautifully and thoughtfully arranged flower pattern. Superb work. What are the other names for this cock/hen flowers Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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Charming work. Bright and eye catchy design and colors. Pretty borders and the diyas

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Celosia (pronounced /siːˈloʊʃiə/) is a small genus of edible and ornamental plants, similar in appearance and uses to the amaranths. Deriving from the Greek word ‘kelos,’ meaning burned. They are sometimes called cockscombs or woolflowers. The name itself refers to the plant’s brilliant appearance and striking flame-like flower heads which resemble cockscombs. The name "cockscomb" may be restricted to those whose flower heads are crested by fasciation. The plant is well known in East Africa’s highlands and is used under its Swahili name, mfungu (source - Wikipedia)..

Saras lovely thought - very pretty decoration especially the red heart but I seem to love those green leaves more I think - they look very striking with the bright yellow outline and white veins - pretty work Smile

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Thank you all for your loving comments & spl thanks to Judy too for giving more info on the plant Smile