Flower Kolam

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After giving colours, we need to put the white border
again, so that the kolam will be bright and beautiful...

Rangoli: Flower Kolam


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Welcome to ikolam Ms.Radha! Smile

You are absolutely right, outlining the design once more after applying the colors defines the design and makes it pop out. Thank you for uploading your artistic creations here at ikolam, for all of us to enjoy. Smile

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Welcome to ikolam. I like ur strokes they r bold and very beautiful.

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hai...welcome...lovely well known big kolam ...this has come out very nice...waiting to see more from u..

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Radha madam, very beautiful rangoli. this design is all time favourite of all. You have drawn it so neatly and colored it nicely,. The white double ezhai outline has come out very nice. Good work.

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You draw this very neatly this is my favourite kolam i like it very much........................It is very beautiful.

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Very Grand. The small kolam and the suzhi kolam are also beautiful

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beautiful big rangoli..nice colours/strokes...waiting to see more and more...

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Thanks for ur comments friends...
And Lata mam, thanks for sharing/publishing my kolam in our website...

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Radha maam welcome to ikolam... this kolam though is very common in our website looks absolute wonderful with your neat coloring and lovely double strokes... do give us more of ur double stroke kolams

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Wonderful work Radha, keep it up.

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Diligent colouring and pronounced strokes. Somehow the overall symmetry is low.

Regards! - mOhana

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Joining ikolam with a bang I think... Nice to see such a big kolam with nice colours. JKM I think it is due to the angle of the picture that the symmetry seems low. I am quite sure the symmetry is maintained.

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Neat, beautiful and such a big kolam, Radha Mam. Is this done for any festival or occasion? Very nice double strokes:)

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nice big bang rangoli...i like the way of interchanging the colors for the stars & the outer decoration on opposite sides, makes it quite different.

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radha mam, ur white outline is broad and superb,but still u could hav choosed bright colors in side also,ovr al it seems neat.

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yes brindha mam.. it was drawn on my anna's wedding...to welcome my anni..

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Radha, the kolam is very beautiful with the double stroke white border lines. Even the small kolams on top have come out very nice.

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Ms.Radha it is looking extremely beautiful also shows how much patience you have. Keep it up. I definitely give this kolam a try. Thanks for posting this.