marriage rangoli

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This rangoli was done by me for the occasion of my cousins wedding in front of the marriage hall.That is my mom giving finishing touches to the rangoli, she helped me in coloring it.

Rangoli: marriage rangoli


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wow very gud and superb design

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Brilliant design, brilliant drawing, brilliant color combination and brilliant coloring! Overall, very very brilliant :)! Noticed that alternate leaves are light and dark .. nice idea!

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Beautiful design and colour combination, very pleasing to look

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wow...this is superb...lovely design...

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very beautiful design, neatly drawn and colored nicely. Regarding coloring symmetry only mOhanaji will be able to judge. So ur mother also involved in kolam drawing.! can you upload her work also?

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Can't take my eyes off it! Lovely kolam, drawn beautifully and wonderful colours

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very nice design and part looks like sweets..and leaves have come out very nice...

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Wonderful design and good colouring.

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very pretty.
Nice design and pretty colours.

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beautiful rangoli, very nice colours.

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Very neat and colourful.Lovely design.

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Beautifully made rangoli with good colour combination:)

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Very beautiful and colourful with pleasing looks. One suggestion, alternating the orange and the mustard colours would have enhanced the symmetry.

Regards! - mOhana

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Thank you Every one for your wonderful comments. This website and All your support is inspiring and refreshing after a long day.

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Rajamma ji. she does wonderful rangolies and kolam but dont have any snaps maybe one or two , will ask her and upload them if possible. I remember she used to do rangoli under water, floating rangolis and all when we were little kids unfortunately those days no digital camera . so no record of her wonderful creations. she used to stich our dresses herself, embroidery, craft works, fabric painting, and so many other things many are lost now Sad .

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Even now it is not too late. Ask your mother to do some rangolis/other art works she can and upload in ikolam. We will enjoy her works and it will be preserved for ever.

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looks great, nice coloring...yes waiting for more kolams

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I too thought that it would have been a better idea to alternate the orange and mustard. Very neat and pretty kolam. Happy to see your mom (would have loved to see her face though)

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Would love to do that jaya ma'm. but because of some health problems she has stopped doing all that. only occationally she helps me like this.

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Like mother Like Daughter.... Small Crisp and beautiful.. Different coloring combination.. The outer border - bottom with purple and top with violet. (Hope I don't have color blindness..)

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Indu maam pretty kolam neatly drawn and colored...

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very neat and different coloring thots are appreciable,, colored borders add one more feather to the kolams crown