Marriage kolam

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This is the kolam i did for the occation of my cousins wedding in front of the marriage hall.

Rangoli: Marriage kolam


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indu maam, very veautifully drawn kolam. a wee deserved gift for her marraige.

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Looks good even without a kaavi.

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beautiful design indu mam....but at d marriage hall did u get kolam maavu....they would have given only rice pdr na from d kitchen....or had u taken along kolam maavu with u without forgetting....?(i experienced this problem at my bil's marriage)

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அவசரமா போட்ட கோலம் போலே இருக்கு.அழகா இருக்கு , நடுவிலே ஆரத்தி எடுத்த/ கொடுத்த சிகப்பு கலர் நல்லா வந்திருக்கு

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Indhu maam pretty design... the corner flowers too look cute

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very nice kolam

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Nice rangOli. The lotus at the edges are envious of the centre for it alone got the red colour Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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Nice and cute Indhu Smile

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the flowers in the corner bags a lot of attraction