Rangoli: Chikku kolam
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Chikku kolam
Rangoli: welcome kolam

After seeing the ROD of today I was tempted to upload this simple welcome chikku design made in a hurry to welcome my grandson to his sweet HOME from the hospital after birth.

Rangoli: Plain maakkolam

I had to put this simple maakkolam for some pooja at home..No time to colour it since when it is wet the colouring will become messy.So after the pooja I did simple colour decoration. The coloured version I'll upload later. Wink Wink

Rangoli: Happy Valentine Day

My Hearty Loving wishes to all of YOU ! :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

Rangoli: Butterfly Raaga

Just a simple morning raaga with butterflies humming. Smile

Rangoli: Pattathu  Yaanai

I am Veni Deivanai, who recently visited this ikolam site and got impressed.As my first entry, I am herewith enclosing a Chikku kolam for the " Margazhi kolam contest".
In olden days, when the Maharaja dies without leaving his heir for the throne,the Pattaththu yaanai, i.e the main Elephant of the Raajmahal will be sent with a garland around the city, to select the next person for the throne.Towhomesoever the Elephant put the garland will be declared as the next Raja.
Here, I have put a chikku kolam in the form of Pattathu yaanai with the real garland in his hand on its way to select the RAJA. Hope you all will enjoy this. Smile

Rangoli: Proud Peacock

In our Apartment complex for Shankaranthi celebration I put this rangoli. For a long time I was thinking of trying the prize wiinning peacock kolam done by Dharshanamoola madam in the year 2008(Deepavali contest). You all know that I am a kanjoos in using colour podi and rarely put rangoli filled with colours.But this time I made up my mind to use all the available colours. Hope you will enjoy this. Smile

Rangoli: Morning raaga

This is one of my simple Morning raaga done with with wet maavu.(Kola mazhikku nadivil oru chinna Paniththulee) Smile

Rangoli: Maakkolam with flowers

ikolam is flooded with so many kolamazhai during this Margazhi month.I put this maakkolam in appreciation of all the wonderful contributions from so many members. Could not comment on individual works, sorry.
This design I wanted to try with Kuzhal, but in smooth surface kuzhal does not work, Rani, I am yet to try your kuzhal gift on a ruff surface.
No time to put colours, so the flowers in my garden cam handy to decorate this. Even though same colour, I have used four different flowers, can you guess. Wink