Happy Valentines Day !

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I just managed to draw a "RedHeart" with Maadhulam pazham Smile . Wishing you all my friends in ikolam with Lots and Lots of Love on this special day :love:

Rangoli: Happy Valentines Day !


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wow novel idea rajam amma :)...what did you use for arrow! very nice :)...thank you and wish you the same :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

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Wow...juiccccccy v-day wishes rajamma mam...thanks a lot Smile

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Thanks Rani and Suguna. The arrow is made of chikku fruit! Blum 3 ( Chikku kolam podalai, so used used CHIKKU fruit instaed! Idhu eppadiirukku? :love: )

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Nice idea Smile

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what a great dil .his dil mei aagaya hamare dil .dil kho jodnewala is dil ke kya tarif kare hum

"Yaha lal dadakta dil
yad dilaya purane din

kabi karta intzara
apne honevala yara ka

aakir aaya vaha din
jab dadka hamare dil

gaane laga sur pyarki ki
padne laga gazal galib ki

kya din the vaha
bool na paathe ab yanha

rat ho ya din
nahi raheta kyal hame

bus rahete hum maduhosh
amesha unke bahonmei

rath ke madur chandnimei
jab ginthe hazaro taronkhon

dil dadktata tub dub
mei bolaathi karle apne kho kabu ab

kya din the waha tab
jo na bula pathe hai hum ab

her din lagta valentine
her din lagta valentine "

Happy Valentine Day

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As creative as always! The arrow looks a bit like snake!


Wooooooooooooooooow soooooooooooo cute n sweet idea from real fruit mam... Excellent creation... Smile :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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very beautiful rajam."madhuLam pooveduththu ,maadhuLLam naan unakku kaatinenay"yendru oru pazhaiya paadal varigal ninaivirkku varugiradhu.ungal MadhuLam heart supero super.

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Rekhaji, wonderful kavitha! I enjoyed it. Smile I can hear you singing Wink " koyi loutaadhe meri beeththehuve dhin,Beeththehuve dhin vo meri pyaare palchin" Blum 3

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Jaya, this red heart is so strong that the arrow bent like that.
Suba, what is that old song, I could not get the first line, and who sang that? Movie song?

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ha,ha super neththi adi badhil to jaya.then what is the meaning to celebrate valentine day?rajam,I search google for your reference and got it.copy and paste it for you.

Movie Name :: Yaar Nee
Music Director :: Veda
Lyricist :: Kannadasan
Singer :: L.R.Easwari

kaNNukkenna summa summa paakkuthu
athu unnathaane ethO oNNu keekkuthu
kaNNukkenna summa summa paakkuthu
athu unnathaane ethO oNNu keekkuthu

eNNi eNNi yeanguthu
enge athu thoonguthu
nenjukuLLe veLLam pOngi Oduthu
hoi hoi hoi hoi hoi

kaNNukkenna summa summa paakkuthu
athu unnathaane ethO oNNu keekkuthu

thaamarai poo eduththu
thaNdOdu kONduvanthu
thaamarai poo eduththu
thaNdOdu kONduvanthu
samikku veNdum endru sootinene
thaamarai poo eduththu
thaNdOdu kONduvanthu
samikku veNdum endru sootinene
athil thaaLaatha aasaiellaam kaattinene
athil thaaLaatha aasaiellaam kaattinene

kaNNukkenna summa summa paakkuthu
athu unnathaane ethO oNNu keekkuthu

maathuLam pooveduththu
poovOdu thaen eduththu
maathuLLam paarum endru kaatinene
adhil thaaLadha asai yellam pootinenay

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Suba, though I have listened to this song many times, I have not concentrated on the lyrics. Thanks for highlighting!

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jaya,I like all songs from "yaar nee" .especially this lyrics "maadulam pooveduththu....."I heard many times.

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There is one more song of KD from paNattOTTam Smile javvAdu mEDai yiTTu Sakkaraiyil pandaliTTu Sevvayai kAleDuttu vAvAvA SemmaduLai piLandu tAtAtA sung by TMS and PS. Enjoy it at http://www.raaga.com/play/?id=124205 . Regards! - mOhana

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Excellent creativity !!! Very aptly done for this V-day Smile

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Thank you Suba, for the trouble you have taken to find the lyrics of this song. I am not familiar with this. but very nice. Kannadhaasan paattendraal kavidhai rasam pozhiyumallavaa? Smile

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no rajam,pleasure is mine.tune is also very different.it is very nice to hear.

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what an idea...brilliant...brilliant....very beautiful

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wow nice way of expressing valentine's day rajamma mam. superb. tooo good. hats off to your ideas. Smile hope you are doing well and god. take care.

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Brilliant idea. Fruity heart.

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I love this red heart!!!

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Novel idea mam. very nice

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creativity is always a tonne within u Smile

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wow...how come i missed my comment here....such a beautiful, healthy & strong heart :)....very innovative rajammaji....thanks soo much