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  • egg painting-guess 5
  • Egg painting-guess 5
  • aswata leaf painting 5
  • aswatta leaf painting-5
  • Answer to the quiz along withthe original picture
  • Guess the plant or important parts of this plant
  • My current picture
Rangoli: egg painting-guess 5

Lata,uploading the slightly better picute of egg painting forthe guess work.Hope jaya maam can visulise it proprerly

Rangoli: Egg painting-guess 5

This is simple pencil painting of small bird. Try to guess hidden thing in this bird picture.

Rangoli: aswata leaf painting 5

sending once again as my computer was showing some trouble .This is again i have done when i was in my first year of college(F.Y.J.C)

Rangoli: aswatta leaf painting-5

This painting is also done when i was in probably first year of my college(F.Y.J.C)

Rangoli: Answer to the quiz along withthe original picture

I was pretty confident that many of you must have seen the original picture of this tree before ,as mentioned by Radhika appeared in one of the news paper “dinamalar” or somewhere else .I have modified a bit in my pencil drawing.
Nitya very interesting, u can see the faces which I have deliberately not included in my drawing from the original one to make it more tricky (the original picture had 10 faces). HATS OFF TO YOU. (bahooth accha copy car lethe ho .Kabi parixame pakde nahi gaye kya?......Don’t take it personally just joking . I was expecting this answer from many more people. Few members could see Indira Gandhi. Can u please let me know where (which position) u could see her? This is only for my knowledge .As each individual can visualize the picture in different way.
Rao sir was the first one to see faces in this tree though he could see only six faces he could lead the clue to others hence congratulation. Actually this tree contains 7 famous faces. Congratulation for those who could see 7 faces. The right answer is
On Left:
Mahatma Gandhiji , Lokmanya Bal Ganghdar Tilak ,Pandit Nehruji
On Right:
Abdul Gaffar Khan, Subash Chandra Bose, Saheed Bhagat Singh, Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
The closest correct answer is of Suguna (as she could guess six out of the seven faces). Lata can we declare her has a winner? Or u want to declare Nithya as a winner (except that extra three faces, she is almost right) The best answer prize will definitely go to our Rajjam (if this quiz appeared in IAS exam then Rajamma’s answer would score 10 out of 10).
Thank you all the members for actively participating in this quiz. Sorry, if my comments hurt u .Request to take it lightly (it’s just a part of a joke).

Rangoli: Guess the plant or important parts of this plant

This is well known plant with huge, strong base grown in India and became very popular worldwide .Some of the properties is still used world over as and when needed. Let me salute!
(P.S: this is not my original quiz but I liked hence I have done the pencil drawing of the same. Some of u may have seen this before in that case answer after some while as the first time observer might get the clue)

Rangoli: My current picture

Ammuji aapko Side ungli se ghee nahi nikla tho ungly ko he tede karneko bahut accha se aatha hai Ammuji since your are taken the promise of mother ,father and god ,I can’t disrespect u .Actually I was planning to send my photo with red outfit but what to do u r not taking to me and I can’t tolerate this Ammuji ur very smart u know how to get the work done /Am I right
(lataji publish only after ammuji answer my quiz, guess work)


Rekahjerry wishing all the YOMs and other members Happy Valentine Day with red rose .Please try to find other than the rose and jerry something is there. What is that? Ammuji nice chance it is very very simple and I am very sure you can guess at the first time itself. ALL THE BEST!