egg shell painting (Guess 6)

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This is ne simple guess for women's on women's day .plese check who is this man.Very simple so no hint is given

Rangoli: egg shell painting (Guess 6)


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I don't know in what way this man is connected to Women's Day? Indirectly saying I don't know :)..
I find silly to put my guess, well Kamalahasan Biggrin

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Hi Vinci, To be very much frank, i too thought of the same thing, but I felt that it would be funny if I say that it looks like kamalahassan. I was waiting to see some comments in this page and then I will leave my comment or guess. To my surprise, you also guessed it as Kamalahassan.

Dr Rekha, since this is IWD special, we want the results on the same day.


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Ofcourse this looks a lot like Guna-kamalhassan...but rekha mam...have u seen d tamil film-guna...

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I have two guesses, one is yes i too felt like kamalhassan another guess is Kalmadi he he

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But push...suresh kalmadi has a long nose...haha...maybe u r right ...who knows...lets wait till rekha mam declares it tomorrow....

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I'm sure this is Dr.Rekha's Shashi Kapur. Smile

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yes kamalahasan

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Mahalaxmiji, Can i wait for uma, rao sir ,rajamma,suges,aditya,anirudh , jaya maam, laxmi devi comments?

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Yes it is Kamal hassan.plz can't wait .......Dr Rekha answer please.....

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my guess is same as that of my friends. kamalhasan?-suguna murugesan

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This is KamalaHassan for sure unless you have someone hidden in this too!

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On womans day you are asking us to guess a man's face?That too Kamal?

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Ahaaaa lata what a guess :)This quiz has proved that we women’s are very good in identifying(u understood what I mean right?) men .Jaya mam ‘s straight question “On woman’s day you are asking us to guess a man's face ?That too Kama…l .Maam any dushmani with Kamal ?
Is it my pencil drawing skill improved or Rajjamm’s damki(draw properly and then see whether we can answer without the hint for the first time itself or not?) or ur guessing power skill improved ,I don’t know? All of u except Lata(that too deliberately in lighter vein, secretly let me tell u lata I liked and enjoyed ur guess don’t tell my Sashikapoor) guessed the right answer that too in first time itself(I expected the answer kalmadi from more members as a first option).
Ammu I proved my confidence on u (see my comment in Rao sir’s puzzule). I have not seen guna .if get chance I will try to see this film if u suggests seeing is worth.
CONGRATULATIONS! vinci, ammu ,asha ,jaya maam ,mahalxmi,suguna ,aditya,anirudh,pushpaand especially lata
Uma, rajjamma where are u .Still celebrating the women’s day or what?

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Thank HEAVENS...atlast i could also fall dopukadeernu(just like jumping inside a well) in d winner's list...thank u rekha mam...this time ummma mam...(rekha mam's style)...u missed it...haha ...don't ever claim a prize for this guess game when u meet rekha mam....

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asha,congratulation!u r right

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Dr Rekha, Thanks for letting out the results of this puzzle game. Wow, I'm also a winner. Let me congratulate myself.


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my bsnl broad band had various problems , i coudnt identify this man in my mbl since it lacked clarity, sorry rekha mam, congrats winners,