Dr.Rekha Shetty

Rangoli: My Diwali rangoli done on first day
Rangoli: Happy birthday Sowmi
Rangoli: sending eggless cake to my friends(TOMS)
Rangoli: Birthday cake made with lots and lots of love for Rao sir and Jaya ma'am
Here are the kolams and rangolis in this page:
  • Banjaran-Full view
  • Craft-scene from the Ramayana
  • Painting-Banjaran(half-view)
  • Corn Beauties(models)
  • Painting of a South Indian young Girl.
  • craft (Dangler)-Made on the concept “Best from the Waste
  • step-wise progress of Radha -Krishna rangoli
  • Radha -krishna
Rangoli: Banjaran-Full view

Hi Aditya,
As advised by you i tried t click the full view of this painting with my mobile after removing the plastic cover. it looks much better than before but still it does not have the same color effect. please comment on it

Rangoli: Craft-scene from the Ramayana

This craft is based on the concept of” Best from the Waste”. One of the scenes from Ramayana, wherein Ramji visit his devotee Shabriji along with the Laxmanji. Shabri welcome them and serve them with berries after checking each berries for its taste herself.
I have utilized he grass of the broom(old one) for the roof of her cutir (hut) and sands to create the wall and stick of the broom for the windows and stem of the tree for pillar .For the figures of Ram, Laxman and Shabriji I have used the golden thread .And used the painting for the background .
Hope you will like it .Request for your sincere comments.
Dr.Rekha Shetty

Dr.Rekha shetty

Rangoli: Painting-Banjaran(half-view)

This is my favorite painting but unfortunately I could not get the actual view from my mobile camera as it is framed with plastic cover .Hence i have tried to click only half of the painting .Viewers please comment on this picture so that I can improve on.
Dr.Rekha Shetty

Rangoli: Corn Beauties(models)

My corn beauties(models) with their brown and white hair walking the ramp to exhibit the creation, designer dress of Dr. Shetty. Viewers please comment .Eagerly waiting for your comments

Rangoli: Painting of a South Indian young Girl.

This is painting 2by 3 sq feet depicting the South Indian girl about to attend the temple with plate of flowers.
Dr.Rekha Shetty

Rangoli: craft (Dangler)-Made on the concept “Best from the Waste

This is a craft made on the concept “best from the waste “.I have utilized the used old broom for making the hut. The grass portion is utilized for the roof of the hut and the sticks are used to make the wall of the hut .I have done the little painting of sun and its reflection to beautify it .hope the viewers like it .please comment .Your comments will help me in improvising my creativity .

Dr.Rekha Shetty

Rangoli:  step-wise progress of Radha -Krishna rangoli

Here i am uploading the stepwise progress of my rangoli Radha-Krishna

Rangoli: Radha -krishna

I have used the rangoli colour powder for my rangloli .My ranglili is done outside my flatat coridor it is of 3x2 .5 sq feet .Every year i make rangli.It gives me tremendous pleasure .It is my hobby .This time i have decided to submit my rangoli for contest 2010 in your web will take this opportunity to appreciate your web which is very interesting .Also appreciate by keeping contest you encourage the small artists like me .Hope my rangoli will reach the top position .