Dr.Rekha Shetty

Rangoli: My Diwali rangoli done on first day
Rangoli: Happy birthday Sowmi
Rangoli: sending eggless cake to my friends(TOMS)
Rangoli: Birthday cake made with lots and lots of love for Rao sir and Jaya ma'am
Rangoli: Painting on dry leaf of Ashwata

This is my second painting on the Ashwata leaf

Rangoli: Painting on dry Ashwata leaf

Once upon a time when I was a school student there was craze of painting on the dry Ashwata leaf. I found few of them. This is probably the first painting on the leaf.

Rangoli: Decoration of  Satyanarayana  pooja

On first. we have carried out Satyanarayana pooja at my residence. Downloading the picture so that Satyanayana god will bless all my ikolam members(friends) and their family members.

Rangoli: My Radha-Krishna

This is simple poster color painting of Radha-Krishna done on simple thick white paper .

Rangoli: This is a line drawing done when I was a student

This drawing is done for the selection from a well known painter and Marathi film director Mr.Chavan .He asked me to do the any sketch on a paper provided to me .i was given only simple pencil .i have done the picture of this Meera .He liked it and I was selected but unfortunately I could not get his guidance as I could not join him due to my studies and within next year he died of some disorder .The paper here was spoiled as you can see some black spots(rather holes).Please comment

Rangoli: Painting of flower pot

Here I tried to paint a glass flower pot with red roses and small white flowers . Whether I justified? please comment

Rangoli: My young Ragavendra swami (full view)

I always imagine ragavendra swami how he must be looking when he was in his thirties or forties .We always gets his picture with white beard .So I tried to paint my young Ragavendra swami. Once again sorry may be resolution of my mobile camera is less hence I am unable to click full proper photo

Rangoli: My granny corn beauty (is she look happy)?

My granny corn beauty is angry with me that I have not given her chance to walk the ramp with the same designer dress. To satisfy her I gave a chance. Hope there won’t be any wardrobe malfunction (as she is old nobody will enjoy).