Dr.Rekha Shetty

Rangoli: My Diwali rangoli done on first day
Rangoli: Happy birthday Sowmi
Rangoli: sending eggless cake to my friends(TOMS)
Rangoli: Birthday cake made with lots and lots of love for Rao sir and Jaya ma'am
Here are the kolams and rangolis in this page:
  • H.W of Suba teacher
  • my dotted kolam 4-in egg shell
  • fgg-shell guess-7
  • cake for bithday girl-Suba
  • My photo
  • My photo with apologize all the kolam friends (TOMS)
  • kolam 3
  • kolam 2(9x1)
Rangoli: H.W of Suba teacher

Dear maam soory though i have done the H.W i could not upload it due to computer failure .The H.W was very tough when i saw immediately i tried in paper(coloured one) i was not happy then in the night with the black pen i tried again and uploaded both for your suggestion .Next time i will do it in the black board or floor .

Rangoli: my dotted kolam 4-in egg shell

people have used their floor, kichen top,tulsi katte for their rangoli i thought i should do in egg shell .Though it is very small (as i get very small surface area )please comment and suggest .

Rangoli: fgg-shell guess-7

Although i tried to click properly the picture looks little dull .This person is a fine boyhood actor .he looks very young though he has grown up children .He is one of my favorite actor .Ammu i saw your hair is very thick and long so i am little jealous hence thought of giving one quiz immediately

Rangoli: cake for bithday girl-Suba

This eggless cake is prepared woth lots of love and care for our lovely teacher who takes pain to teach 1, 2,3 and A,B,C of dotted kolam for dumbo students like me .Thank u teacher for ur effort and love

Rangoli: My photo

Ammu ,maha ,vasanthi uma ,lata ,rajjamma ,july and all my friend uploading my.. photo in home avtar this photo was clicked by my daughter when i was in kitchen cleaning the spinach as i don't have time to go to studio i said let me upload this photo only otherwise ammu is not goining to share her tour photographs with me..

Rangoli: My photo with apologize all the kolam friends (TOMS)

Aap sabi se main mafi chahati hun .This picture with my new suit clicked today itself particularly for rani to forgive me and upload all her family photos clicked at Udupi and also the kolams with Mangalore sand.

Rangoli: kolam 3

one more simple design with 9x1 dots.i have taken the simple design picture along with after coloring .please don't laugh i am just trying to learn the dotted kolam .Please help me in improving my chinti chikku kolam

Rangoli: kolam 2(9x1)

Tried simple dotted kolam with 9x1.hope u will like the design .suggestions please for the improvement .(Maha vasanthi i know many more punishments r waiting for me.i tried to fullfil the punishment given by ammu in simple way as the time limit is given by maha .if posible i will make it in floor and upload )