Dr.Rekha Shetty

Rangoli: My Diwali rangoli done on first day
Rangoli: Happy birthday Sowmi
Rangoli: sending eggless cake to my friends(TOMS)
Rangoli: Birthday cake made with lots and lots of love for Rao sir and Jaya ma'am
Rangoli: Pesonalised calender-2011

I will take this opportunity to share the pictures of my personalised calender designed by Franco-indian Pharma Pvt.Ltd

Rangoli: Ramu's photo

Papu i am sending second photo of Ramu .This family picture was taken i was in SSC. You can see Ramu sitting in my hand and posing nicely for the photo

Rangoli: My Ramu's photo

Papu as you wanted to see my Ramu’s photo eagerly , yesterday night I searched the old albums and uploaded here. When we cliked this photo he was three year old .I guessed logically him as male because he got black coloured ring along with the red coloured ring around his neck(depicting beard)and some black fur around his beak(depicting mustaches).He had red coloured fur in his wings .He was quite big as compared to the local parrots and his tail was very long .Rao sir can explain in better way how to identify the gender of birds .As you can see here Ramu was nicely sitting on the grill of window near the gallery and enjoying the tree garden (contained peru, supari and coconut tree along with few flowers trees and creepers)near our gallery and watching the nature and people moving on the road .Many a time school boys used to whistle at him and he used to respond them by copying the same. Papu there are plenty of sweat memories and some sad stories are attached to him .When your exams are over you let me know I will brief you shortly. And also regarding the behavior of him .Right now I don’t want to disturb you. One more picture will follow this .When I go to my mom’s place I will get better pictures for you.

Rangoli: Egg-shell painting 3(guess)

i tried to draw one of the famous actress (may be TV or bollywood).Please guess and comment. Awaiting eagerly for your reply. Ammuji good chance this time, this is particularly made on your comment i will send gift for the correct guess (don't ask what will be the gift)

Rangoli: My photo(specially for ammu ma'am)

Ammu ma'am as promised uploading my photo .Now you will believe, how much I enjoyed the cake sent by you. Don't tell others they will feel jealous .Ammu ma'am you have not commented on my egg- shell painting .awaiting your comments

Rangoli: egg shell painting-Guess the picture

Long ago when I was in 7th standard I have started the new concept of painting on the egg shells with pencil. I must have done 60-70 painting most of them contains national leaders, scenery, Krishna charithra etc.i have kept all of them very carefully in two big plastic jars and carried it to three different places when we have shifted(after my marriage as my husband had transferable job in LIC).My husband never liked me carrying all these egg shelves but as he never told me anything I used to take advantage of that and kept on carrying it with me finally in 1994 the owner of the flat at Baroda where we used to stay as lease requested me to donate these pencil painted eggs to her to keep in her bungalow .Though half-heartedly I have donated all the paintings to her. Hope she must have kept it nicely the way I used t preserve it .Later on my concept was liked and copied (R0BBED) by my brothers friend who was a good trained painter. He started painting the pictures of celebrity and became very popular .As usual the royalty has not paid to me as I was very small for the demand.

Rangoli: My last year’s Rangoli

This is my last year’s rangoli. Unfortunately I have clicked the photograph only after 20 days as my friend wanted to see it .The rangoli has spoiled slightly .Please comment

Rangoli: Dry leaf painting -3

These pictures are not imaginative like I do normally. I have copied the drawing and painted in these dry leaves(As i was just a school student)